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This is how the Ranking-Optimisation works

Amazon Ranking Optimisation

If you’re selling your products on Amazon or plan to do so, you definitely have a lot of competition. After all, Amazon offers as a Marketplace, a huge chance to increase your profit. But keep in mind that Amazon shows to its users only products that are relevant to their search inquiries and other similar products that are selling very well and are therefore in high demand. Let us explain everything related to Amazon SEO in order to keep your products high on the search results and increase your revenue.

Page Contents:

• Relevance and Performance
• Relevant Search Terms
• Amazon Seller Central
• Keywords in Listing Title
• Keywords in the Bullet Points
• Keywords in the Listing description
• Relevant Product Images
• 12 Amazon Ranking Factors
• eBakery Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO: Relevance and Performance

What is my customer target group searching for? If you can answer this question then you
should include in your listings the exact keywords and phrases that you came up with in your answer.

By doing so, your listings become relevant for your niche and so you get rewarded by both the algorithm and your customers. Keywords are one of the most
important Amazon SEO factors when it comes to relevance. Therefore it is just as important to do a keyword research. Sometimes you can find keywords that are more relevant during a specific period of the year and less relevant in the next.

If you don’t watch out for these things you can see your listings rank lower in the search results than they did
before. Furthermore, the performance of your Amazon listings can be influenced by a
professional structure with product images, videos and bullet points.

Relevant Search Terms for your product

Amazon doesn’t suggest any search terms automatically when you build up your listings, but there are several sources you can use for your keyword research to make your listings relevant to what your customers seek. A first direct source can be the suggestions appearing in the Amazon search bar. You can also help yourself with the Amazon PPC advertising report to find relevant keywords and use them in your own listings. A second source is of course google. The different google products like Ads Keyword-Planner, Google trends, and the search suggestions can become convenient tools for your keyword research. Insert as many relevant keywords as possible and use the features in the Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon Seller Central

In the Amazon Seller Central you can manage your listings. It’s easy to simply publish a listing, however you should pay attention all its parameters if you want to the product to be successful.

Keywords in the Product title

The product title (or product name) can consist by up to 50 characters on Amazon. You should structure the product title in a way that the most important keyword is at the start of it. All other information can follow after your focus keyword. This is important because Amazon shortens the titles in the SERPs. Also, don’t forget to check the relevance of your focus keyword in order to determine that it’s your best choice.

amazon seller central
amazon seo bullet points

Keywords in the Bullet Points (Attributes)

In the Amazon Seller Central you can go to your inventory, then to your listings and add to up to 5 attributes. They will appear on the listing page as so called Bullet Points. Bullet points are one of the most important elements that a potential customer looks at. Besides the inclusion of keywords you must also keep them short. Less is more. Bullet points can also prove useful for annual holidays with the use of emojis for Christmas, Valentines day, Easter, etc.

Depending on the complexity of your product and the amount of information you can provide, you should use 5 or less attributes. Although in most categories the limit of characters for each bullet point is 250, it is recommended to keep things short and smart. An average of 80 characters for each bullet points should suffice.
Here is a good bullet-points strategy:

1. Overview of the product
2. All included components
3. Unique Selling Proposition
4. Special Features
5. Call to action (CTA)

Keywords in the product description

The product description helps your potential customers to make a decision. Within the description field you have a limit of 2000 bytes to explain to your customers why your product is so good and why they should buy it. A+ Content can help you to provide more details for your products. You can use a variety of templates to structure pages that can present your product in a more appealing way. This additional space contributes significantly to your Amazon SEO, since the 2000 byte limit for the description alone isn’t enough.

amazon seo keywords description
amazon seo product images

You can find a more detailed list of requirements in the Style Guide of each category. Take all these points into account before you start uploading images to your listings.

Add Your Heading Text Here

You can upload up to 9 Product Images, of which one is used as the main picture. The proper illustration of your products can make your offers more attractive, increase the click rate and with it the conversion rate. Therefore, high quality images are an important factor
for increased traffic in your online store. Different images should show different aspects of your product that cannot be viewed in the general depiction of your product in the main
picture. Here are the requirements for product images on Amazon:
• The main image should have a clean white background. It must be a photo and not a drawing. Any equipment that isn’t included shouldn’t be visible.
• Products must fill at least 85% of the image.
• Images should only show the product that is sold.
• Don’t include logos or watermarks in your images.
• If text is included it must be a part of the product.
• The dimensions must be at least 1000 x 500 px
• The maximum dimensions are 10000 px
• jpeg is the most accepted format, but you can still use png, tiff and gif.
• People should only be depicted if you’re selling clothing
• Your images should include only one photo of the product in question.
• The depicted products shouldn’t cross the borders of your image

amazon image guidelines

12 Amazon Ranking Factors

As already mentioned, Amazon SEO is above all about Relevance and Performance. You
can also influence the performance of your listings in the Amazon Seller Central by
applying discounts during specific time periods.

Here we give a summary of the 10 important Amazon Ranking Factors:
– Keywords in your Product name/Product title
– Keywords in your Bullet Points
– Keywords in the description
– Keywords in the Amazon Seller Central
– Comply to guidelines
– Amazon best seller lists
– Ratings and reviews
– Fast reaction to current trends
– A low number of returned products
– Happy customers

Amazon SEO with eBakery

As an Amazon SEO Agency we can provide SEO experts for your business to optimize your listings, make them more appealing and help you to increase your click rate and in turn your profit.