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Professional Bing Ads Management

More and more businesses use paid ads to increase the range of their official website.
This way you can reach targeted customers who will, in the best case, increase your revenue. Activating ads on Bing can be profitable because of the low costs and little competition compared to google.

In this article you’ll learn why Bing Ads should become part of your Marketing strategy.

What advantages can Bing Ads give you?

As Bing Ads experts we are offering not only a service but also explain why Bing Ads can help your business. When we activate ads for your business you can reach millions of

people who search for different things every day using search engines and entering so- called Keywords.

Your Bing Ads are set according to those keywords. The higher your bid is, the higher your ads appear in the search results. Wether you’re selling a product or provide a service, the purpose of your ads is to draw attention from your target audience. And the higher your ads appear on the search results the better your chances that viewers will click on it.

Take advantage of our Bing Ads Management service. We can take over the planning and set up of your ads campaign, as well as analyze the results to adjust future ad campaigns.

What targeting options do you have?

We offer you our Bing Ads management service because we know that there is great potential in a Bing Marketing Campaign. That’s because Bing is the second biggest search engine worldwide. According to Microsoft an average of 167 million users on Bing spend more than 26% than the average internet user. We can therefore conclude that you can reach an attractive target audience on Bing.

In order to reach this target audience, Bing offers you some Targeting Options. For example you can determine the region in which your ads will be displayed. And of course you can include your business’s address in your ads. This way, whenever a user of your region searches for a product or service like the one you’re offering, chances that are this user will come across your business first.

You have similar settings for your language. You can set your ads on multiple languages which is helpful if you have many customers abroad.

Furthermore you can set specific days or weeks to display your ads. This is helpful for local businesses that need to disable their ads during closed hours.

You can be even more precise by selecting a specific age range or gender. And if you’re already using Google Ads then you can simply transfer your ads from Google to Bing instead of setting them up twice.

The possibilities that Bing offers are underestimated. That’s why we like to spread awareness and suggest you to consider paying for ads on Bing. With the help of our Marketing experts your success will be assured.

How to find the right keywords for your ads?

Our service can be particularly helpful if you have no experience with ad campaigns whatsoever. Keywords are the most important factor for a successful ad campaign. Without experience it can be difficult to choose the right ones.

When you set up Bing Ads you choose certain keywords that will trigger your ads once they’ve been entered in the search engine. Which means that the keywords must be relevant not only to your business but also to the wishes of your potential customers.

You have multiple ways to find the right keywords. You can start by thinking what your customers might be searching and compile a list of relevant keywords. You can also use different keyword research tools.

Agency for Bing Ads

Setting up a professional ads campaign can be a lot of work. You have to understand what your customers are searching, when and how often. We can take up this time-consuming task as you concentrate on your everyday tasks of your business. Contact us for a free counselling appointment to discuss ideas and strategies.