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Corporate design is also known as Corporate Identity. What it basically means is that your Brand has a unique identity that your customers recognize.

Wether they enter your company’s building, talk to your employees or navigate your website, your customers notice a unique design along with the logo of your business.

Your Corporate Identity is more than just your fancy logo however. Next to your design it also comes down to the service your employees are providing.

With a smart corporate design you can establish a visual bond between your business and everyone who is involved in it: employees, partners and of course your customers.

Learn about the different elements of corporate design.

What’s important for your Corporate Design?

When it comes to corporate design many people mistakenly think it’s just about choosing a logo for your brand.

The truth is that your Corporate Identity presents your business to the outside world. Along with the logo, you also have to pay attention to colours, fonts, and a nice combination of the different elements to make your business visually attractive. With a quick search for examples you’ll see that other brands apply their corporate design on everything from their official website, to social media posts, product packaging, staff uniforms, flyers , etc.

Your Corporate Design can help you give a positive impression to your customers, since it makes your brand look professional.
A high quality corporate design, shows your customers that you have a high quality product or service to offer. Additionally, this helps you to be more demanding when it comes to prices, since your customers are willing to spend money for good quality products.

corporate design logo

Start your design

In order to come up with a design for you, our designers first have to analyze your business, figure out your target group, and see what products or services you’re offering. You’ll receive a fitting logo that shows what your business is all about. For offline activities we can also design business cards or flyers.

When it comes to online media you require a fitting newsletter design, as well as banners for your social media channels. If you’re not present on social media yet or maybe you don’t use social media platforms regularly, maybe you should consider to change that. Social media are an almost free or charge way to attract customers from your target audience.

Of course you can take all these steps one by one. A good start would be to give your official website a decent look with a suitable logo. This logo will also be added to invoices, order confirmations and e-mail signatures. Once your business has grown, you can continue establishing your design on other marketing methods as well.

Corporate Design from eBakery

Do you prefer to concentrate on your business? Or maybe you don’t have the necessary design skills? Our agency’s marketing team is here to take over the design of your brand for both online and offline media. Contact us to schedule a free consultation appointment so we can discuss ideas and come up with a plan for your business.