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The All-In-One pixi Warehouse Management System is your reliable tool in e-commerce and omni-channel retailing. Easily automate in-house processes, introduce scalability, adjust to seasonal fluctuation and reduce costs from the first day.

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As a member of the Descartes Group is Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH one of the leading developers of Warehouse Management software and logistics solutions in the e- Commerce scene. With the pixi solutions, pixi WMS and pixi ERP Descartes covers all e- commerce and omni-channel backend processes of an online business, from the placement of orders, to the packing processing in the warehouse and its shipping, as well as the tracking of orders and generation of invoices.

Thanks to its modular structure, web service and standard interface you can seamlessly integrate pixi into ERP Systems as well as Marketplaces. Pixi solutions are used by more than 300 businesses, including big online retailers, suppliers and fulfillers.

Descartes pixi Range of functions

pixi WMS

The pixi WMS solution is the primary option for an efficient control of logistical processes. It provides you intelligent warehouse management and barcode-based receiving goods, picking and shipping processes. Next to all these processes it offers easy usability and automated scaling to adjust to seasonal fluctuations. Besides the automated warehouse management, the pixi team continuously develops for you new features to maintain a strong and customer-oriented business.

You decide which areas you want pixi WMS to optimize

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pixi ERP

Right out of the box pixi offers you an efficient e-commerce business. Smart processes and well thought-out functions create excellence in your order processing and your business stagey. In addition to the automization of your complete supply chain, the pixi team develops for you new features to maintain a string and customer-oriented business. Create 1.000 Pick lists with the push of a button and deliver already ordered items from your warehouse directly to the shipping station without any waste of time. Discover the diversity of the different functions you have at your disposal with Descartes pixi.

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Worldwide the leading developer for on-demand solutions

Descartes (Nasdaq: DSGX, TSX: DSG) is the leading developer for specialised on-
demand software-as-a-service (Saas) to increase the efficiency of your logistics business.

Thanks to the cloud-based solutions descartes makes it possible for clients to transfer data
with trading partners as well archive documents about incoming and outcoming goods. As
a part of the greatest logistics community, Descartes operates with partners all over the
world from the main headquarters in Ontario, Canada.

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