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Concerning Display Marketing

Every internet user comes to contact with ads on a daily basis.

Wether it’s banners, pop ups, or content ads. Display ads are unavoidable. That’s why they remain an important form of marketing, which evolves over time. Retargeting and Programmatic Advertising are only two of the many different types of Display Marketing.

Advertisers aim to increase their range and visibility. With Display Marketing, or Display Advertising, attract more traffic to your business and profit from it.

With our support you can make use of this opportunity. We have many years of experience in all marketing methods and know how to assess your business to find the right marketing measures for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Display Marketing?

With typical online ads you can click on graphic elements such as banners which lead you to the website of the advertiser. As an advertiser you would require a publisher to use its resources to display your ads. That can be a website or social media network for example.

You have tons of different options when it comes to Display Marketing. Here are some of them:

-Pop ups
-Pop unders
-Skyscraper and rectangles
-Content & Sponsored ads
-Textlinks & Verbal placements

And as the market evolves, so does Display Marketing with the development of more formats. For example in recent years HTML 5 and 2D animations have become very popular. We always stay up to date with such developments to support our business partners efficiently.

What’s the goal?

Display Marketing is done with the placement of ads. The purpose of these ads is to trigger a reaction. The internet user who sees your ads should answer a call to action. That is to click on your ads to purchase a product or service. But sometimes ads are used just to influence a brand’s image.

The difference between Display marketing and SEA and SEO strategies is that the text becomes the focus in the latter two, while in Display Marketing it also comes down to graphics and above all the placement of the ads on the screen. That can offer you many more possibilities. Imagine a colourful 2D animation. It can immediately draw your attention in contrast to a simple text. Short but accurate slogans can make for an effective Display Marketing campaign.

This is not always easy however. Besides the necessary designing skills, you would also require technical knowledge to create ads. Our marketing experts can assist you with their experience and knowledge on all new marketing trends. Contact us so we can discuss about your business and come up with suitable ideas that will serve your interests.

Forms of Display Advertising

-Ad network. And Ad Network connects the advertiser and the publisher. Google AdSense is an Ad Network for example. A publisher displays the ads which the advertiser created on Google AdWords.

-Affiliate Networks. The popular Affiliate Marketing practice also includes ad banners.
Affiliates promote a product or service through ads and generate income with every click.

-Real Time Bidding. This is a subcategory of programmatic media buying. It refers to the
practice of buying and selling ads in real time on a per-impression basis in an instant auction.

-Contextual targeting. Target users are reached based on keywords they used while navigating the network. The ad platform algorithm analyzes the user’s browsing history and website content to match it with relevant ads.

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Advantages of Display Marketing

Display Marketing is a classic form of advertising. But this doesn’t mean it can’t have an effect on the audience. It’s rather the opposite. It can offer you many advantages and possibilities.

-Your marketing campaign has increased range
-It strengthens the image of your business
-You can easily approach different target groups
-You can use different types of ads
-Tracking methods like Cookies can quickly produce results

Moreover, this marketing method will cost you a lot less in proportion to the results it will produce.

You should seriously consider such an opportunity. Contact us if you have any or ideas you’d like to discuss. Our agency can take over your Display Marketing Campaign to promote your business while you are dealing with every-day tasks.

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