E-Mail Marketing

e-mail marketing

Tips for successful e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing doesn’t have the best reputation. Most businesses fear that their newsletter messages will end up in spam folders. Of course a lot of commercial messages don’t really have something useful to say and are anything but helpful.

However, you can receiver a positive feedback from the recipients and profit in the long run if you use e-mail marketing to offer interesting, useful content. Our agency’s marketing experts know how to distinguish spam mails from useful commercials mails and offer you a complete service to launch your e-mail marketing campaign.

What you can achieve with a successful e-mail marketing campaign:

-Potential new customers who aren’t aware of your business
-Schedule new appointments with customers
-Earn the trust of people who had visited your online business
-Inform your customers of updates in your service or new products
-Brand recognition

E-Mail marketing strategy

It is often said that e-mail marketing achieves nothing. Nowadays, social media seems to be the best place to reach your target audience. And that is true. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot do the same with e-mail marketing. And what’s more, it can give you some unique chances in contrast to other platforms.

With a well-structured newsletter you can generate many Leads and ultimately increase your conversion rate. Maybe you plan the release of a new electric grill this summer? We can create a newsletter for you that will explain its recipients why they need your product.

You can then analyze statistics to adjust your next campaigns according to the data you collected. This way you can understand your target audience better and build excitement by offering them little perks that they will definitely like.

Another advantage is that you can keep the cost to a minimum. Using the right tools you should have no trouble creating the newsletter, compile a list of recipients and then schedule the dispatch. The difference in expenses is obvious if you compare them with other marketing methods.

Wether you plan to release a new product, want to make a call to action or just send a friendly Christmas message, e-mail marketing offers more opportunities that you imagine, while it remains an easy and cheap marketing method.

We would be glad to help you out with your plan, find the correct words and a suitable design. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss ideas.

E-Mail marketing Agency

There are different ways to start an e-mail marketing campaign. You can gain subscribers through Ads, Social media, and of course per e-mail.
Here are some of the advantages e-mail marketing offers compared to other marketing strategies:

-It’s cheap
-Connect with customers
-Personalization and segmentation
-You can adjust it for every target audience

Of course you have to plan it carefully, which is again something that won’t take you much time. And the Return of investment is quite high. In other words, you’re using a cost- effective marketing strategy that promises success if it’s done the right.

Any clicks and visits you’ll receive on your website can be used to understand how your
target audience thinks. And staying close to your target audience is a basic rule of marketing. Try to think like your customers.

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Where you should pay attention to

E-mail marketing is always a tightrope walk between advertising and spam. You need to follow some guidelines if you want your messages to help increase your profit instead of ending up in a spam folder.

Meet the legal requirements

In order to avoid any trouble with the law you should definitely follow the European General Data Protection Regulation. This means you must first receive a person’s consent to send them commercial messages. In most cases you receive it when the person in question signs up for your newsletter. Every newsletter you send must also include your impressing and a signing off link.

How to avoid the Spam folder

Your marketing campaign can’t successful if all your messages, or even some of them, end up in the spam folder. One solution to this problem is to ask mailbox providers to whitelist your domain and IP address. Another solution is to ask confirmed subscribers to add your business e-mail address to their contact list.

And you can once again use statistics to judge by the number of clicks if your recipients really see your messages or not.

Advantages of responsive email design

-Customized for your user’s chosen device
-Higher conversion rate
-Professional impact
-Positive user experience

Use a professional e-mail address

Anybody who receives a message from an unknown person probably won’t even open it to see its content. That’s why you should use a professional e-mail address that is related to your business. When it comes to the subject in your messages you can be creative. Find a way to trigger the recipient’s interest.

Content and design

People sign up for newsletters because they’re asking for interesting information from your business. And that’s exactly what you should offer your subscribers. Avoid sending useless content that can be considered as spam. Your subscribers feel unique when they receive your e-mails. You can use this by offering them discounts and gift cards for example.

Design your content in a way that reflects your business. Use images and videos suitable in your niche and keep in mind that any media you add must be optimized for mobile devices, as the majority of internet users like to view their e-mails on a mobile device.

Contact us if you require professional help with the creation of a well-structured newsletter.