eBay Fulfillment Service

Advantages, Fees, Shipping Methods

Even the eCommerce giant eBay has a Fulfillment Service to offer. In this article, as well as the video below, you’ll learn what this Service does, what advantages it gives to sellers and buyers, its costs and how you can register for it.

What is a Fulfillment Service?

For those who have just entered the world of online trading and don’t know the term Fulfillment here is a short explanation:

It means that the entire logistic process, that is Storage, Picking, Packaging, Franking and finally shipping is taken over by one of eBays fulfilment partners.
You ship your goods in advance to one of the fulfillers and once an order has been placed, eBay is taking care of the rest. This results to one or the other advantages for you.

eBay Fulfillment Service Partner

Before we get into details, let us inform you about the new fulfilment partner Orange Connex, with which eBay plans to achieve faster deliveries at lower costs. Orange Connex is on the market for 10 years and offers technology that brings together suppliers and services.

The logistics service provider takes over the managing and shipping in cooperation with eBay.
The fulfilment program in itself has been around for 2 years now but there has been a beta phase initiated for Orange Connex in which you can participate.

Fulfillment Advantages

To begin with, the program ensures that the customers remain satisfied and receive their parcel on the same day if they placed the order before 4pm.
On the other hand, it offers you increased range by adhering to shipping standards.

eBay automatically deletes negative reviews for delayed delivery or damage, since the seller cannot be blamed for this.

Parcel tracking is also an important feature for buyers, which Amazon already offers and eBay  includes it in the eBay fulfilment service as well.

Storage and Shipping Fees

But what costs will you have to pay?
On the Orange Connex website you can find a PDF to get an overview of the costs about different products:

Shipping and storage costs depend primarily on the weight of the goods of course. After a 100 shipments per month you get a discount however.
Storage costs can also vary. eBay’s maximum dimensions are 120x60x60cm.

If your goods exceed this size the fees changes. Otherwise you can reduce the cost by preparing them for shipment before they’re stored.

If you want to use the fulfilment partner to sell on other platforms as well, you can do that for an extra charge.

Need any help?

If you have any questions, or require assistance in managing your online shop, eBakery is here to help you out. Schedule a free counseling appointment with one of our eBay specialists.



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