eBay Item Specifics

Use item specifics tp help potential buyers to find your listings.

eBay Item Specifics – In order to help customers to find your online shop among the thousands of other eBay retailers and give potential buyers a chance to come across your product, you should take care of the item specifics in your listings. 
That is what we’re covering in this article and the video you can watch here:

How to add eBay Item Specifics

The way to do it is quite simple, but you should still consider a few important factors that can give you an advantage.
You should fill out all available fields and not just the obligatory fields you find at the top of your listing.

In our demonstration we create a new listing, give it a title and then scroll down to the item specifics.

Where you should pay attention

You will find the required and optional item specifics.
By default eBay offers different categories based on the most commonly used item specifics of your product.

Customers use this information to find the product they wish to buy. That’s why it’s worth it to use fill out these fields carefully.
The more fields are filled, the higher your chances to have your listing show up in the search results.


SEO through Item Specifics

The more relevant item specifics you add, the greater the radius of the search terms your listing is covering.
Your item specifics come into play the most when customers tick boxes in the filters while searching.

Even price comparison engines work by using the information you add in your listing.
That’s why you have to proceed carefully as you’re shaping your eBay SEO.

Item Specifics serve as filters

In addition to the keyword relevance, some of your item specifics are used as filters to limit the search results. For example customers can filter through the brand or condition of a product. The filter settings can be seen on the left side of your screen on the eBay search results.

If you leave the optional item specifics empty and the customers checkmark some of the filters, your listing might not appear in the results.


As you can see item specifics are already important for two reasons when it comes to visibility.
It’s crucial to add your International Article Number, also known as EAN, to your item specifics in, order to appear in the results of Google shopping.
The barcode number makes it possible to generate more data from the eBay Catalog.

With that said, have fun filling out the item specifics in your listings.

Need any help?

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