eBay Median Price

What is the eBay Median Price?

The eBay Median Price is an important part of the eBay Patent, which you should understand, in order to use the functionality of the Cassini Search Engine to your advantage. We already dedicated a video to the Patent, but didn’t discuss its Median Price. We explain it in this screencast:

Where does the Median Price derive from?

By taking a quick look at the wikipedia page, we learn that it’s the value separating the higher half from the lower half of a data sample, giving us in the end the value that lies exactly in the middle.

The Median has a distinctive difference from an average value that is calculated by a collection of different values and how many times each value can be found in the data sample.

In plain language, the Median is the middle value of a price for a specific product that many merchants sell. Wether each price is used by 100 or 1000 sellers is irrelevant in this case.

Better rankings using the Median Price

Out of these offered prices for the same product, comes out a middle value that is considered to be ideal. This means that you could get a better position in the rankings even by raising the price of your product.

Try to raise the price of your product closer to the Median and then observe the change in rankings. If you get a higher position, try to raise it again. If you get a worse position, you’re probably too expensive. As a seller you’ll have to test and analyze until you have found that sweet spot in the middle of all values.

However, be careful, as Cassini doesn’t like extreme changes in the prices of listings. You should work with changes of 5-10% to remain on the safe side.

Always pay attention to all SEO Factors

In case you found your Median Price but still rank too low on the search results, you should pay attention to other factors as well in order to increase the visibility of your listings. Have a look around our website and Youtube channel for more SEO tutorials that will help you to stand out with your online shop.

Need any help?

Should you require any assistance on the optimisation of your listings, the eBakery SEO Agency will gladly help you out with that. You can schedule an appointment via e-mail or phone.



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