eBay Promoted Listings

A simple advertising scheme to promote your items.

If you went through our eBay marketing articles and youtube videos and improved your organic growth and visibility potential, you now have the option to highlight your listings with the ebay Promoted Listings feature.

We explain how you can do it in this article and also offer a quick demonstration in this video:

How can Promoted Listings help you?

This can help you to build up your sales history which is crucial for ratings, but also increase visibility of the products you chose to advertise.

This is particularly good for products that you have just added to your list. What’s good for sellers is the fact that you pay the fees for the add only after an order has been placed.

What happens when someone visits the Listing but doesn't buy?

But what happens if a customer visits your page through an ad and doesn’t buy anything? If he doesn’t place an order in the next 30 days you still don’t have to pay anything.
This is in contrast to google ads where you have to pay for every click.

Even if you change the budget that you initially chose to advertise a specific product, the final cost you have to pay is defined only after an order has been placed successfully.

Example of an eBay Promoted Listing

We make a simple ad on eBay to demonstrate this. Go to your seller hub and under the marketing tab click on advertising. Create your first campaign and click on select listings individually. You could also do a CVS import for multiple products, however we won’t be showing how
to do that in this video.

Select the product you want to advertise and then set your ad rate. The higher the rate, the higher the budget of your campaign.
The advantage you seek is visibility of your product, which means the higher the rate is, the frequent your ads for your product will be.

In the last step you can give your ad campaign a new name to always know what this ad
campaign is advertising and give it a start and end date.

eBay Suggests your ad rate

If you’re not sure how high to set your ad rate then you can follow the suggestions given by eBay. They are based on four different factors:

  • Condition of the item
  • Category
  • Number of similar items
  • Prices of similar items

Check your statistics

Now every seller wants to know if this investment is worth it. In your ads tab you can find a dashboard with the number of impressions, clicks, sales and finally your profit and the cost of your ad campaign.

CTR means “Click through rate”. It’s the number of clicks divided by your impressions.
It gives the seller a percentage on how many times buyers saw and ad and clicked on it.

Conversion rate is the number of sales divided by the number of clicks on your ads.

Average sales conversion rate is the costs of your ads divided by the profit. It shows the ad fees for products sold within 30 days after an ad was clicked.

You can also choose to see the statistics for all of your campaigns simultaneously or specifically for one campaign only.

Need any help?

If you anticipate any difficulties while creating your eBay ad campaigns or have any other SEO issues, the eBakery Agency is here to assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our eBay SEO Specialists.



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