eBay SEO Blackhat for Listings

SEO Blackhat - Unconventional method to bring your eBay Listings to the first page of the results

This SEO method can raise your Listings higher in the search results. We want to make it clear that it’s a method we don’t encourage, since it goes against eBays Policies & Guidelines. We simply want to inform you about it.

The current article as well as the video below explain to you how it is possible to artificially raise the position of your Listings on the eBay search results.

Amazon Gift Cards sold for a lower price

Basis of this SEO trick is to list a product with an obvious value and sell it for a lower price.
That could be Amazon or PSN gift cards for example. Let’s say that a gift card costs 15 euro but is sold for 14,90.

One would suspect that this seller is a scammer. That’s not exactly the case. It’s noticeable however, that this gift card is among other listings that have nothing to do with this category. So what’s this all about?

How does the seller make profit?

First you need to understand how the Cassini search algorithm functions. Cassini ranks keywords that are given in the search bar. It means that suitable products are shown in a certain order, depending on the number of sales, watchers, and popularity of the product.

A sellers goal is to rank as high as possible with these keywords, preferably on the first page on the results.

To reach this goal, the seller needs a product with a wider range that the product he really wants to sell. Amazon gift cards are very popular in such cases, since the seller doesn’t have to pay for storage or shipping.
By offering such a product for a lower price you can get an increased number of watchers and possibly a lot of sales

How the SEO Blackhat method works

Now the first response is, the seller is actually is losing, so it’s not exactly a scam.
In the long run the seller can still make money with this practice. By changing the category, item specifics and description of a listing that is already hyped, he can sell his main product that could for a toys seller be Playmobil for example.

What’s important now is that the sales history of the previous item is still included in this listing. So now the listing of the new product ranks higher in the Cassini algorithm and buyers interested in toys see the hype in this listing. A third advantage is the increased visibility on search engines like google, as it has the same effect there as well. So the money that was lost by offering gift cards for lower prices has been a small investment considering all the benefits.

This practice can be compared with lotteries and sweepstakes on Tv stations. You could be the winner of a large sum of money if you act now by calling a hotline or sending a text message. By collecting all these charges the TV station makes more money that the sum they are offering to the winner.

Where such practices stand morally is something we won’t judge. It’s about
understanding why you often see products being sold for a lower than their fixed price and how these sellers eventually reach high rankings in the search results.

eBay SEO Agency

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