eBay SEO Blackhat

eBay SEO Blackhat - Methods that go against Policies & Guidelines

What we mean by eBay SEO Blackhat is methods that can help your listings get higher in the ranks. In other words optimize your Listings for search engines, while violating eBay’s Policies & Guidelines.

It can still help you understand why sometimes competition gets too tough even though you optimized your Listings to the best of your abilities. 

If your interested in this SEO Blackhat method you can also watch our video about it:

Timing is crucial for your eBay SEO

To understand why this Blackhat method is so effective you must first understand how eBay’s Cassini search algorithm functions. For example, in one of our eBay SEO videos we cover the ideal timing of publishing your Listings. Using certain tools you can find out what the right time and day is in order to get the maximum reach in your category as possible.

Number of watchers is a parameter for relevance

Publishing your Listings with the right timing can have a positive influence to the number of watchers on your products. That number will be observed as a parameter for potential buyers. With a high number of watchers in a short time you can create a so-called “hype” for your product.
This hype can have a positive influence on both the number of sales and your ranking in the search algorithm.

eBay SEO Blackhat for more watchers

Before we explain you this method let us make it clear that it’s not reliable and can be punished by eBay for going against eBay’s Policies & Guidelines.
Services like buycheapfollowers.com offer you a number of watchers for a certain price. This distorts competition and gives you an enormous advantage, especially in categories where competition is very tough.

It's a risky investment

That’s why some merchants like to invest in this unconventional SEO method hoping to gain a high number of watchers, or even buyers, in a short time and in the long term make more profit than what was initially invested. This can also save a seller time from properly optimizing his Listing, but wether it’s worth it to risk losing your online shop for violating eBay’s Policies & Guidelines is something everybody has to decide for themselves.

eBay SEO Agency

If you’d like to stay away from such unconventional methods and prefer to optimise your Listings the right way, our eBay SEO Agency is here to assist you.
Schedule an appointment with one of our eBay Specialists.



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