eBay SEO Hidden Keywords

The ultimate EBAY SEO Hack to integrate Hidden Keywords

This eBay SEO hack let’s you apply hidden keywords to your listings. The keywords are indexed even though they are not visible.

We have shown how to include Keywords in your title, how the subtitle functions, and how to be found more often using item specifics.

Follow this article, as well as our video tutorial below, to add even more keywords for the opimization of your Listings.

Additional keywords for Listings with variations

What’s important for this SEO trick is to have Listings with variations. Go to your Seller Hub and scroll down the list of products you’re selling. Select one of multiple variations and click on the edit option next to variations.

You can add a number of additional keywords equal to the number of variations in your Listing. In the video demonstration of our SEO hack the Listing has 15 variations.

How Hidden Keywords help your eBay SEO

The trick is to add a new attribute to your variations and name it “MPN”. MPN stands for Manufacturer Part Number, in other words the number of the part given by the manufacturer. We use these to add our keywords as options in the Listings. Add to your MPN Attribute the same number of options as the variations of the product.
You can save the change by clicking on “update variations”.

Once that’s done, return to edit listings where you can now see your MPN attribute and assign your 15 keywords.

In case you’re skeptical about it, we tested it out in our video. With published a listing sample and added the keyword eBakery hidden as an MPN and yet it appears in the first place in the results.

Final tip about longtail keywords

If you’d rather use Longtail keywords in your MPN attribute, make sure to connect the words with an underscore, for instance: longtail_keyword_ebakery

eBay SEO Agency

Besides this hack there are many more SEO factors that you should take into account. Should you require any assistance, our eBay SEO Agency is here to help. You can schedule an appointment with one of our eBay SEO experts.



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