eBay SEO Title and Subtitle

A trick for your eBay title and subtitle

In this SEO article we go over a simple trick for your eBay title and subtitle that can help you stand out from your competition and hopefully increase your sales. You can also watch our video tutorial on the same topic:

eBay Subtitle - More attention through your eBay Subtitle

What if you see more and more merchants selling the same product as you?
You already have the perfect title, your keywords and your own template that decorates your listings but try to stand out from the masses. So what can you do?
To draw more attention to your eBay offers use the subtitle function. Ebay accepts UTF-8 encoding which allows you to include emojis in the subtitle.

Here is how you adjust your eBay Subtitle

Go to Sell and create a new draft. Enter the name of the product and you already reached the page where you can add your subtitle.
You have a limit of 55 characters which you should use to point out all the benefits to your customers one more time and above all use emojis in your offer to stand out from the masses

We are here to assist you

Now you know how to draw more attention besides the standard SEO steps that you took and will hopefully see an increase in sales.

If you need any help on your eBay SEO you can schedule a free counseling appointment with one of our eBay SEO specialists



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