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eBay Listing optimization. We give you the correct tips for the SEO of your eBay Listings.

Keywords: This is how your customers search for products

Keywords function similar to categories. The balance between traffic-strong keywords and relevance for your listings is difficult to be achieved. The best method is to try different keywords and observe the results. In the end, you keep the keywords that give you the better rankings. Keywords shouldn’t be included just in the title. Unlike Voyager, the Cassini algorithm searches through the entire listing. Therefore it helps to add keywords in the description and item specifics of your listings.

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The Optimal Product Title for your eBay SEO

During an eBay product search, the Cassini algorithm usually focuses on two elements:
The product title and the item specifics. The user has the option to search through descriptions as well.

Out of these 3 parameters the product title is the most important one when it comes to ranking. So if you need to increase the visibility of your listings, this is where you have to focus first. For the Product title you have a limit of 80 characters. It is recommended to use them all and include your most important keywords in it. If you use more general keywords, you can increase your reach on one hand, but on the other hand your conversion rate remains low. Customers tend to search for something very specific, and the more your product is related to that search, the better the chances that the customer will click on your listing. Our job is to find the precise keywords of your niche and enter them in your listings to increase the visibility and rankings in the search results.

All important details of your product should be combined with the keywords of your niche that are used frequently on eBay. Parameters like brand, size, color, material can be just as important as your keywords and even the entire description of your product. One thing you should definitely avoid are adjectives like “beautiful skirt”. That’s something that can be depicted in your images and is therefore unnecessary to be mentioned. Objective nouns like “cotton” are serve a much better purpose in a listing.

Next to the visibility is your title also important for relevance. It is almost always the title that convinces a buyer to click on an offer, than the images , price or description. A careless series of keywords doesn’t look nice and can cost you clicks. Punctuation marks can help with the structure of your listing and they cost you a low number of characters.

The position of your keyword within the title can also increase the relevance of the listing. Make sure to place your keyword at the very beginning in order to draw more attention from potential buyers.

ebay seo product title

The subtitle allows for the inclusion of more information

Subtitles are the light grey text below the title. They have a limit of 55 characters. They don’t get searched by Cassini and are therefore unimportant for the relevance of listings. You can use this space to enter additional information for which buyers won’t necessarily search for, but would probably interest them. You can also use special symbols and emojis to make your listings visually attractive.

Unfortunately subtitles are shown on mobile devices only in the details page of the product. Moreover, the use of a subtitle has currently an additional fee of 1,10 Eu per listing. If you publish it in two categories the cost doubles to 2,20 Eu.

Item Specifics: Buyers use this feature

Another important element in your listings are item specifics. By default eBay assigns different item specifics depending on the type of product you’re selling. Buyers use item specifics to limit their search results and find what they’re looking for quickly. That’s why it makes sense to take the time to enter precise item specifics in your listings. You’ll get rewarded in the long term.

These item specifics are used in the filter section on the left column while buyers search for items. They can be activated or deactivated to determine the range of the search. In other words, item specifics are important for two different reasons when it comes to visibility. If you leave your item specifics empty and a potential customer activates some of them, or even just one of them, your listing will be missing in the results. It’s also important to include the EAN of the product in your item specifics in order to ensure that your listings are appearing in the google search results.

ebay seo item specifics

Product description with your own design

As already mentioned, the title in your listing is the most important element. Besides that, you can also take care of your listing design to make your product visually appealing. You have complete freedom to come up with your own design, which something you cannot do on any other online marketplace. Use the design to present a high quality product to your potential customers. The design cannot be done directly on eBay. You need to enter a pre-made HTML/CSS-Code in the corresponding field. Don’t worry though. Online you can find plenty of free templates, as well as premium templates for fair prices. If you prefer a unique design for your product then you can design one with the help of a programmer. You can even include product videos.

ebay seo product description

Content-wise, Cassini asks for an “informative character” of your product description. What we know for sure is that the excessive use of keywords gets a negative rating from the algorithm. You better orient yourself by following the SEO suggestions for Google when it comes to keyword optimization. Your listing description is also relevant for the Google search or Google Shopping, to be precise. This way you can bring external traffic to eBay which is rewarding for you. The rules for the listing description are the same as those in your own online shop. For example a cross-selling feature or “buy now” buttons can always be used to your advantage. Generally speaking, your brand should be emphasized in the presentation of the product, but be careful to not exaggerate with the inclusion of logos and product images. The template should always offer a clear and convenient depiction of the product. Less is more.

Images are a contributing factor for the final decision

Product images make it easier for potential buyers to decide what to purchase. A product image can include multiple details of your product at once and make it visually appealing. Both the amount and the quality of images can have an immediate effect on your ranking. You should always include at least 3 images for each listing. You have a limit of 12 images which we recommend you should use. The Cassini algorithm gives you a positive rating with each image you add to your listing. But the quality of your images is just as important. eBay suggests a resolution 1600 x 1600 pixel. Adhere to these standards as well if you want to have the best effect possible on your listings. Images can also influence your conversion rate. The very first image in your listing is the one that gets displayed in the search results and often it’s what convinces a buyer to purchase your product. The first image should fit your description and offer a clean depiction of your product. All other images can be used to point out details of your product. Customers have the option to scroll through a gallery of images and zoom into specific areas. If you take good care of your product images you’ll get rewarded both by the algorithm and in turn by your customers.

eBay SEO - Correct categories contribute to better ranking

Categories can influence the visibility of your listings as well. First off, customers have the possibility to refine their search according to categories and sub-categories. Therefore, you can improve your interaction with customers by assigning your products to the right categories.
Second off, eBay search results appear according to categories. For certain search terms eBay might even offer two categories that fit a customer’s search term. The first category would be the one that is directly related to the keywords that were given in the search bar. But a customer might be interested to look into the suggested second category as well. If your product is relevant for two categories then you can assign it to both of them, but keep in mind that you may face some extra charges if you use features like Subtitles or Gallery Plus.

Cheaper = Better? Not always!

When it comes to prices eBay uses the Median of the best performing listings for each search. If a listing is too far from that Median price then Cassini considers it as a less relevant product for the search in question. That’s why you should define your prices within a specific range for each product. You can hep yourself by checking out how much other product like yours or similar ones cost and orient yourself according to those prices. Usually the range of prices is wide enough to influence the search results. If you publish a new listing that you want to see ranking high on the results as soon as possible, then you can lower your price slightly to beat your competition. New listings always get a light boost on eBay. As you’re keeping your price than your competition you will soon get many views from potential customers, which in turn will make your listing more Relevant according to the Cassini algorithm. Once you’ve achieved a high enough ranking you can raise your price closer to those of your competition. As long as your listing is optimized, you will keep selling your product even if it’s slightly more expensive by now. Be careful when you change prices on your listings however! Large differences in the price gaps get punished by the algorithm. A change of a out 10% should keep you on the safe side.

Good ’Til Cancelled Listings (GTC)

The ranking of a product is always linked to the published listing in which it has been added. Once the product is out of stock and you have to re-publish it you have lost your ranking and you must start all over again. That’s why it is preferable to sell items on a good ’til canceled duration. This feature allows you to see your listings even if the products on those listings are out of stock. Once your stock has been refilled you can start selling again. This way you maintain both the URLs for your products and the rankings. This option can be found in your eBay account settings. However, this feature can serve your interests only when your listings have sold a high quantity and therefore increased their value in the algorithm.

The total number of sold items doesn’t matter

The quality of your offer doesn’t get influenced by the total number of sold items. The algorithm takes into account only the number of sold item in the last 30 days. This can help you to compete with others even when you publish new listings. The method of lowering your prices for short time in order to get better rankings was already mentioned in the previous chapter. On the other hand, listings that didn’t sell well in the last 30 days get bad rankings. If you haven’t sold a single item in the last 30 days then you should delete the listing and re- publish it from scratch, always adhering to the different SEO standards. As already mentioned, every new listing receives a boost from the algorithm. Also, try to figure out what could be the reason that your product didn’t sell the last time in order to avoid another 30 days without a single placed order.

Trustworthy Sellers

The processing of an order and the ratings from your customers can also influence your listings. Some customers ask for a specific shipping service or payment provider. The more options you can offer the better your chances to win over customers with such demands. A variety of shipping methods and payment providers gets rewarded by the Cassini algorithm as well. eBay also take into account the quality of shipping and return procedures. Fast and/or free shipping gets positive ratings from the algorithm and such services are also visible on the page with the search results. Everything that adds value for the customers increases the chances for an order to be placed and is therefore rewarded by the algorithm in the search results.

Service Status

The last optimization factor is based on the logistical completion of the orders and the communication with the customers. The service status consists of 3 factors: defect rate, rate of products not shipped on time, cases that are closed by the seller with no explanation. To maintain a positive service status you have to keep these rates as low as possible. Likewise, you get rewarded with a ranking boost if your listings receive positive reviews from your customers. Furthermore, eBay takes into account your communication with customers. Questions from customers should be answered within 24 hours. At this point we have to refer back to the description of your listings and the images you added. If a customer has received a product that doesn’t look like what you offer in your listing, you would have to accept a return which can have negative consequences on the reviews of
the listing. In a few words, the Cassini algorithm takes into account both the reviews of a listing and your communication with customers.

eBay SEO - Cassini

Since 2013 eBay operates with the Cassini algorithm. This algorithm is based above all on relevance. If the algorithm considers a product relevant for a potential customer then it raises it in the ranks of the search results. Furthermore, it takes into account the product-buyer interactions. These are indicative of an appealing product. The number of sold items, for example, is an important factor. Besides the relevance of products is visibility an important factor as well. A product that has the potential of a high conversion rate, but cannot be found from customers doesn’t generate any revenue at the end of the day. However this is not say that you should put in all your effort into visibility to the detriment of relevance. In other words, if you include irrelevant keywords in your listing for the sake of visibility your conversion are won’t improve either.

eBay SEO with eBakety

By optimizing your store’s on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay you can increase your profit significantly. There are different strategies that can help you to succeed on eBay, depending on your situation. We would be glad to help you out and plan the ideal strategy for your online business. Your success is important for us.