Facebook Ads

Facebook offers companies free ways to get noticed. A good advertising campaign can increase your success even further. You can link to your company page or your website in Facebook Ads.

Setting up Facebook Ads

First, you will receive extensive advice, which we also offer separately from the facility. So we can take care of your Facebook ads in part or in full. Because even when the Facebook ads have been created, that is not the end of the story. In order not to burn any money, you should regularly check and optimize your campaigns. Check which target groups / ads bring a lot of visitors and which don’t. Often you should also look for new target groups, because the behavior of your visitors changes. This optimization is a tightrope walk, but we are happy to undertake it.

Set up Facebook pixels

The Facebook pixel helps you to analyze how well your advertising campaigns are received. Install the Facebook pixel on your website and then set up in the options which event the pixel should react to. An event can be that a contact form has been sent or a specific product that has been placed in the shopping cart. The pixel records these events and displays them in the dashboard. You can then deduce how successful your campaigns are.

Facebook Ads target groups

With Facebook Audience Insights, you can find out more about your audience without starting expensive surveys or the like. For this purpose, your Facebook fans and other visitors to your Facebook page are analyzed and displayed accordingly in your dashboard so that you know their interests. For this you will find a demographic overview, as well as the relationship status and interests or hobbies, since you can see where your visitors clicked on “Like”. Equipped with this knowledge, you can design more suitable content and market it in a targeted manner. Like Google Ads, Facebook offers the remarketing option here.

Facebook Ads Remarketing

The Facebook pixel is also used here for effective remarketing. If a visitor leaves your page without buying anything, all the pages they viewed are saved in the Facebook Adcenter. This is used to create templates for advertising campaigns, which you can easily set up using the Facebook Ad Center. Or maybe the visitor just forgot to buy the product – in any case, thanks to the remarketing campaign on Facebook, they’ll receive your ad reminding them of it.

Facebook Ads strategy

We work with you to develop a sensible strategy that we use to measure and maximize your online success. Facebook ads are often placed, but only with a short-term goal. This may be sufficient for seasonal promotions, but with long-term goals it gets tight and you have significant wastage. And what are your long-term goals anyway? We ask the
right questions and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Advertising on Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have grown closer since Facebook bought Instagram. Accordingly, we also offer to advertise for you on both platforms. Both platforms can be operated from the Facebook Ads Center. So you only use one interface, but you can use two platforms and attract different target groups. Naturally, Instagram tends to be a younger audience, so it is addressed differently.
You can still see the success in a user interface and optimize it there. You will also find information about the demographics etc. of your target group here, just like for Facebook Ads.

What is a Facebook campaign?

An advertising campaign on Facebook always has a specific goal. Reach, more clicks for a
page, etc. – you can specify this goal when creating it. This also helps you focus on
specific topics and better target your ads.

Training for Facebook Ads

We would be happy to train you and your marketing team specifically for Facebook Ads.
How to create successful ads, check success and optimize again and again. What you
should pay attention to and what special features are there.