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Google is worldwide the biggest and most popular search engine. Searching on google is for some people part of their every-day routine. That’s an average of 250 million searches worldwide on a daily basis. Therefore, Google can offer your business a lot of opportunities.

Google Ads is a good example. This platform allows you to set up ad campaigns for your business. With this marketing method you can take your businesses’s website to the highest ranks in the search result.

How do Google Ads work?

The procedure for Google Ads is simple: When a user carries out a search with your focus keyword, your paid ads will appear on the top of search results. Chances are that this user will then click on your ad and reach your Homepage or a specific landingpage.

In your Google Ads account you can then monitor the results of your ad campaign.

-How many times was the Ad activated?
-How many times was the Ad clicked?
-For which keyword was the Ad activated?
-What’s the age of the users who clicked on it?

Collecting this data help you to adjust and optimise your ad campaign to achieve better
results the next time.

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Campaign Types

To activate ads on Google you must first create a new Ad campaign. You can choose between three different types of campaigns depending on your goal.

Here is what we can offer as a Google Ads Agency:

-Keyword Analysis
-Setup & Conception
-Tracking & Result Analysis
-Support & Optimization

Is it really worth it to pay for Ads on Google?

Google records millions of searches every day. hat makes it the biggest search engine worldwide. People from all over the world use Google to ask even the simplest questions. That’s when certain words are entered in the search bar combined.

The answer from the search engine is a series of organic results and Ads that were activated by a Google Ads Campaign. With millions of searches every day, you as an advertiser can count on a Return of Investment (ROI).

Keep in mind that other businesses in your branch almost certainly use Google Ads. Which means that even if you manage to rank high organically, your competition will still appear higher in the results thanks to the activated Ads. That’s one more reason to use Google Ads for your business.

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Successful Ad Campaigns

Google Ads offer many possibilities and is therefore complicated and detailed. You have to familiarize yourself with certain terms before you can setup Ad Campaigns professionally.


The activation of ads works like an auction. You bid an amount you’re willing to pay for a
click on your ad. You’ll get charges based on these three options:

-Cost per click (CPC). You pay for each click on your ad.
-Cost per mile (CPM). The amount you pay when your ad is shown to a thousand people.
-Cost per engagement (CPE). The amount you pay when someone takes a predetermined action with your ad.

Campaign Type

To activate ads on google you have to create an Ad Campaign. Here are the three types of campaigns you can select:

-Search Ads. These ads are placed on the first page of the search results.

-Display ads. Those ads are images that are shown on web pages within the Google Display Network.

-Video Ads. Ideally video ads are between 6 and 15 seconds and appear on youtube

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR refers to the proportion of the number of clicks on your ad compared to the total number of views your ad got. For example, if you got 50 clicks on your ad, but 100 views, that’s a 0,5 CTR.

How high your CTR is depends on the focus keyword you chose. It all comes down to the balance of keywords about brands and more generic terms (for example “Apple” & “Best Smartphone).

Quality Score (QS)

Your QS derives from your CTR, the quality of your Landingpage and your past performance on the search result.

Where should you pay attention to?

As you can see there are multiple factors that influence the success of your Google Ads Campaign.

The use of the right keywords is probably the most important thing. If you use keywords for more general terms you won’t reach your target audience and therefore your ads won’t serve their purpose. You can try different keywords over time or even different combinations of the ones you’re using. Monitor your results to figure which keywords reach the most people in your target audience.

Furthermore, your ads should match with the intentions of your target audience.

Use keywords that refer to the intentions of potential customers (for example “pre-order….”) and include them both in your header and text. This makes your ads relevant for the user’s search on one hand and on the other hand you profit in the long run.

Also, make sure that the landingpage that is linked to your ads is well-structured and

Google Ads with eBakery

If you don’t have the time to set up the ideal ad campaign for your business and would rather concentrate on your everyday tasks, we as an eCommerce Agency are here to help you out. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your ideas and goals.