Amazon A+ Content

What is Amazon A+ Content?

It expands your regular possibilities when it comes to advertising your product. One requirement to be able to use it is to register your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry.

How does Amazon A+ Content help?

It  gives you additional layout options for the lists of your products. Using an editor you can place different components on your page, without any programming knowledge. The design remains a crucial factor of course. It makes sense to give the design task to a professional, despite the convenient Block-Editor.
After all, the product should appeal to potential customers and wake the desire that would convince them to buy. Here you can see different selling-psychological aspects with decent design and texts.

Features on Amazon A+ Content?

There are plenty of additions that can improve your product. Here you can see the different blocks.

Besides that, you have a limit of 5000 instead of 2000 characters for the description. Thus you can even present you brand if you wish.

This additional content, by the way, doesn’t influence your Amazon ranking, but it influences the search results on Google. Which means that your content is definitely relevant for search engines and should be structured accordingly.

We have excellent knowledge regarding Amazon SEO and create attractive offers according to the best Amazon practices.

What does Amazon A+ offer you?

With your additional pictures, more room for texts and more design possibilities you can get a head start in the following points:

  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Cross- and Upselling Charts
  • Different languages
  • More traffic, more sales
  • Brand loyalty

We would gladly take over the design of your content so you can get the best out of this feature. Schedule a free counseling appointment with one of our Amazon specialists.



Mohamed Ali Oukassi is founder and CEO of eBakery and has over ten years of experience in E-Commerce. He advises companies on ERP solutions, Warehouse Management, Online-Marketing and Social Media. For this purpose he also administrates the Facebook groups JTL User Community and eCommerce Küche and gives advice for retailers on both Facebook and Youtube. On the eBakery Youtube channels he also posts regularly interviews with many stars of Germany's E-Commerce Scene.

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