JTL-Shop 5 B2B

Conform your JTL-Shop 5 B2B for specific groups of customers

How to conform your JTL-Shop 5 B2B for specific groups of customers who are retailers and display net prices of your products for them. That’s what we cover in this article, as well as the video below.

B2B Shops have groups for retailers

First we go over to our JTL-Wawi. To create a group only for nutrition retailers, for instance, we go to the menu list under “customers”, “customers groups” and create a new group. Then we name it accordingly. We want to display net prices to this group so that’s why
we give it the same name in all languages. Finally, click save.

Activate the group

To activate this group in the online shop we go to our JTL-Shop 5 which is named “Test” for our example. Go to online shop in the menu, double click your connected shop and then checkmark the “Nutrition Retailers” group. Click Okay and then update your online shop.

Add clients and prices

To add clients to this group, we go to Customers and select our loyal customer Harry Hirsch. We select the Nutrition group twice, update the data and save our changes. And so the retailer Harry Hirsch is in our newly created group. We want to show net prices for protein powder, which is already set here but can be
changed back to gross and we want to display graduated prices. We sell our powder for 48euro in a quantity of over 10 bags and for 46euro for more than 20 bags. But since we display net prices we type 41,38 for the first tier and 39,66 for the second tier. Once again, save and update the online shop.

Test it on your JTL-Shop 5

Now to test it, we visit our shop without a customer account and see that the powder is sold for 50euro including VAT. But if we sign in as Harry Hirsch we find the net price as well as the graduated prices. And so our intended plan for a specific group of customers that sees our net prices, has been successful.

Need any help?

Hopefully you could implement this plan too. If that’s not the case, contact our JTL
specialists. As a JTL service-partner we would be glad to help you out.



Mohamed Ali Oukassi is founder and CEO of eBakery and has over ten years of experience in E-Commerce. He advises companies on ERP solutions, Warehouse Management, Online-Marketing and Social Media. For this purpose he also administrates the Facebook groups JTL User Community and eCommerce Küche and gives advice for retailers on both Facebook and Youtube. On the eBakery Youtube channels he also posts regularly interviews with many stars of Germany's E-Commerce Scene.

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