JTL-Shop 5 Comparison & Wish Lists

Activate Comparison and Wish lists in your JTL-Shop 5

Find out how to give your customers the option to compare listings and save what they like most in a wish list. That’s the topic we cover in this article, as well as the video below.

Find Comparison & Wish Lists in your Backend

In our third JTl Marketing video we talk about Comparison Lists and Wish Lists. This time we start directly in the Backend of our JTL-Shop 5. To ensure that our Comparison List is really being displayed, we go to the depiction menu, and then to Standard views-> Listing Details Page. This where you can add Listings to your comparison page. On the top right you can see the option to add a product to the comparison list. We make sure that it is activated. If we want to have this option activated for the Search results as well, we go to the Standard Elements, to the settings for Search & Lists.

Activate Comparison & Wish Lists

If we scroll down the options under the Search column we can find the button for the Comparison lists, and activate it. Now we also want to activate it in the box management. So we go to Standard Elements , to the Footer and Boxes tab. Depending on the priority level you gave to your Comparison list, you will see it here being displayed accordingly. So if the order number has been set to 21, for example, it will be shown at the very end. We activate the status and save our changes.


Depending on which JTL-Shop 5 template you’re using, you can expect some limitations. Something that the orange warning message indicates here. Now the Comparison list should be visible in the Frontend. But if you still want to make some customizations you can go back to the Standard view, on the Comparison list itself and then to the settings. Now these options here are self-explanatory. You have a maximum number of Listings, priority order for different parameters, and in the end the dimensions of the columns as well. Once you’re finished here save your changes. You can also see what comparisons your customers have made, either by looking at all of them or by filtering specific time periods.

Test the Comparison & Wish Lists on your Frontend

Let’s have a look at it in the Frontend. We can add listings to our comparison list either by visiting the detailed pages of the listings or by staying in the overview. That’s what we do with two listings and finally open the list on the top right to view it. As you can see, in this case it would once again make sense to take good care of the elements you have added to your listings in order to give your customers as many information as it is possible in such a limited space. Next to the Comparison list symbol you notice a heart symbol. This is for your wish list. This means that by default the wish lists are being displayed as well. 

Settings for the Wish Lists

But we will have a look at the different settings in the Backend regardless. In the Standard views you can find the Wishlist option. Here is what you can change in the settings.

If the first option is activated, your customers will be forwarded directly to the wish list once the product has been added to it.

The next option is for the basic activation of wish lists.

The third option makes it possible to e mail the wish list outside of the shop. Next you can set the maximum number of users the list can be sent to. All other options are self-explanatory. In the previous tabs you can then see which products have been added to the wish list and which lists have been emailed. We will sign in to our Frontend as a customer and add a product to a wish list. If we make this list public then we can either copy the link for it or use the message symbol to email it.

Need any help?

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