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Contact form for your Online Shop

In this article, as well as the video below, you can learn how to add a contact form to your JTL-Shop 5. Find out about the settings, customization options, or how to integrate your privacy policy to it.

Our JTL-Shop 5 Tutorials

Recently we dedicated several videos and articles on JTL-Shop 5, regarding installation, connection to
Wawi, Payment methods and update. You can get to our playlist to catch up by following this link.

Now we are going to cover the contact form and how to set it up in your JTL-Shop 5.

Start in your Shop Backend

Therefore we switch to the Backend and under Depiction we go to Standard views -> Contact Form and reach the necessary menu. In the second column “Subject” we create a new subject. It can be give a name such as “Further Questions” . To connect the contact request of the subject with the appropriate department, enter the correct e-mail address.

The visibility of the subject can be defined here. We want it to be visible to all customer groups and therefore leave it as it is. The sorting number isn’t important for us, so we simply set it to 1. Finally, save your changes.

Contact Form Customization

Following that, we can customize the settings of our contact form as we wish. For example we have the option to add a salutation. Since we like to communicate with customers we also request a first and last name. The name of the company can be requested if we are running a DTC Business, but it’s still an optional field. All other fields can be customized as you wish. Don’t forget to save once you’re done.

Privacy Policy in your Contact Form

Now we switch to the Frontend, go to contact and find new our contact form. To design everything according to data protection laws we also want to add a checkbox to make sure the user filling the contact form has read the privacy policy. That said, we are not giving any legal advice information at this point.

This menu can be found under Depiction -> Own Content and checkboxes. We create a new checkbox, name it Privacy Policy and then paste our text . We connect this statement to our Privacy Policy page and select the contact form for its appearance. Select the sorting number depending on the place of your contact form. In the end also define our customer groups. Save your changes and then switch to Frontend to check it out. Everything looks fine. Your privacy policy would appear here for the customer, if you pasted it previously.

Need any help?

Hopefully we could help you to complete your JTL-Shop 5. But should you require any assistance we as a JTL service partner are here help you out. Contact us to schedule an appointment.



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