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JTL-Shop 5 Marketing with GoogleShopping

In this JTL-Shop 5 Marketing video and article, we show you how to connect your shop with Google Shopping. Additionally, we show you how to transfer your exported data either manually or automatically and how to start a new marketing campaign.

Marketing using Google Shopping

A visually appealing shop doesn’t serve any purpose if no one visits to buy something. That’s why you have to focus not only on the internal optimization of your shop but also on marketing. We’ll show you what’s important when it comes to JTL-Shop 5 owners in a series of videos and articles. Let’s start with the google shopping feed for JTL-Shop. It means you want to automatically transfer your listings from your shop to google shopping. We’ll show you how that’s done.

Install the Google Shopping Plugin

The first step is to book the google shopping plugin in the JTL extension store. Enter Google shopping as a keyword and click on the first result. Then click on checkout. You have to sign in with the account you’re using for the customer center. Then go to “order now”. Now we switch to the Backend and go to our purchases in the plugin section. You should find an installation button here, so click on it and soon you’ll have the google shopping plugin added to your list of installed plugins. You can customize the settings under the individual tabs, such as Export Attributes, Item Specifics Mapping, or Export data for different languages. For this demonstration we’ll keep the default settings and deal with the export of our data-feed.

Export formats

To see our export formats we go to Administration and then Export, other formats. With the installation of the plugin we already got an export format for google shopping. If you want to edit it, click on the edit symbol and configure the format. There you can define what exactly should be exported and how the files will be named. Later, during the google set up this will be important. Now you have the choice to create a new Shop Campaign. It’s something we recommend to do, since you can monitor the results of the campaign within your JTL-Shop 5.

Google Shopping Campaign

You can do that in the marketing section, under statistics and create Campaign. Click on Create New Campaign and then fill out the necessary data. You have to come up with a Campaign name, give it Campaign parameter and set the campaign value. Of course you you have to activate and save it before you proceed. Now you that you’re you can monitor the success or failure of your google shopping campaign, we can start the actual export.

Two variants

We’ll show you two variants. First the manual. You go again to Export, Other Formats and with the plus symbol you can create a new export file. You’ll be notified of the successful creation of the file so you can then upload the file itself.

The second variant is the automatic method using a task planner. You can manage it in the Export manager. We want to create a new task, assign our Export format to it and then decide when the first export should take place and its repeat cycle. Once the task has been set we’re done with the JTL-Shop.

Before we proceed to the next part, we want to inform you that the success on google shopping depends a lot on the quality of your product data. This means you should take care of your Listing descriptions, titles, and other relevant data such as your images. 

JTL-Shop 5 connection to Google Shopping

The second part of our video and article is the set up in our google console, google merchant center and google ad words. The connection of the shop with the search console is very simple and it’s explained once you’ve loaded the corresponding page. Everything should look like
this in the end. On the upper left you can see your domain and in the middle the dashboard. If that’s the case then we can go over to the Google Merchant center.

Sign in and go to the Products tab in the left column. We decide to select the right option. Then set the country and language and continue to the next step. Give your feed a name and a timetable as a handover method. This timetable must be created now. We want the transfer tot are place every day at 12 o’clock. We also have to select the correct time zone, fill out the file name and file URL. Finally, you have to create a new campaign on google ad words and configure it according to the specifications of the Google Assistant. Should you anticipate any problems with that, you can contact our google Ads experts who can assist you for a successful google shopping campaign.

Need any help?

Hopefully this guide was helpful to you. If you require assistance for your Google Shopping setup or any other optimization procedures, contact our SEO experts.



Mohamed Ali Oukassi is founder and CEO of eBakery and has over ten years of experience in E-Commerce. He advises companies on ERP solutions, Warehouse Management, Online-Marketing and Social Media. For this purpose he also administrates the Facebook groups JTL User Community and eCommerce Küche and gives advice for retailers on both Facebook and Youtube. On the eBakery Youtube channels he also posts regularly interviews with many stars of Germany's E-Commerce Scene.

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