JTL-Shop 5 Live Chat

Use Smartsupp to add a live chat in your JTL-Shop 5

How to build in your own SmartSupp Live Chat in your JTL-Shop 5. That’s the topic of this JTL-Shop 5 article, as well as the video below. Sign up for free on SmartSupp, copy the chat code and integrate it in your own shop.

Integrate a Live Chat to stand out

Have you ever thought how you could stand out from the competition? One factor that often makes the difference is the customer support. In order to be present for your customers and able to communicate directly, there is the possibility to integrate a live chat in your shop. In this video we show you how to add this feature to your JTL-Shop 5, using the live chat software Smartsupp. First off, you have to sign up on the Smartsupp website. You can simply sign up with your
google account if you like, or create a new account as we do now.

Adjust the appearance

In the next step you can adjust the appearance of your live chat and select the language. Click on continue and type a name that will appear on the upper part of the chat window. In the next step you can enter the message that will pop up when a customer visits your website. Enter your shop domain here and you’re done with the SmartSupp settings.

Integrate Live Chat in your JTL-Shop 5

Copy the code to clipboard and go to your JTL-Shop 5. We’ll set it up using the FTP-Client Filezilla. We go to our templates and select our currently active template. If you watched our previous videos you probably remember that we selected the Nova Template. If you missed this video and want to see how to create a new JTL-Shop template, follow this link. In the Nova template we go to the Layout folder to integrate our Smartsupp code in the Footer.tpl file.

Modify your Java Script

In our case we couldn’t open the file directly in Filezilla so we dragged it to the desktop to open it with sublime. Scroll alll the way down to the java script block and paste it here. As you can see it has already been integrated in our example. To make sure that our java script is taken into account and activated, we start and end the block with literal, as you can see here. Finally, save the code in sublime and re-integrate it in filezilla i your JTL-Shop. Overwrite the already existing file and the installation of Smartsupp is complete. You can check everything by going to your Frontend and see if the chat is available on the bottom right.

Need any help?

Hopefully we could help you to make a difference with your shop and take your customer
support to a new level. For all other matters, we as a JTL Servicepartner are here to assist
you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.



Mohamed Ali Oukassi is founder and CEO of eBakery and has over ten years of experience in E-Commerce. He advises companies on ERP solutions, Warehouse Management, Online-Marketing and Social Media. For this purpose he also administrates the Facebook groups JTL User Community and eCommerce Küche and gives advice for retailers on both Facebook and Youtube. On the eBakery Youtube channels he also posts regularly interviews with many stars of Germany's E-Commerce Scene.

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