JTL-Shop 5 Payment Methods

Different payment methods for your JTL-Shop 5

Add multiple payment methods to your JTL-Shop 5. In this article, as well as the video below, we go over the API-Data and how to connect your Paypal account to your online shop.

Set a basic payment method for your JTL-Shop 5

The JTL-Shop 5 has been an innovation that JTL-Software enthusiasts were looking forward to for a long time. We already showed you how to install it and then connect it to JTL-Wawi.  In this tutorial we’ll show you how to set Paypal Basic as your payment method in your shop. Should you want to connect Paypal Plus, we already explained in the previous video the process of connecting it to your shop in the PayPal developer page.

How to add Paypal Basic

For PayPal basic we first log into our PayPal account.If you want to have a look at the Paypal  section for Website payments, follow this link. Here you click edit on the API-Access and then scroll down to manage the classic NVP/SOAP-API Integration. If you now click to continue you’ll receive a security code text message. Insert the number in the next window and you’ll reach this page.

Go to your JTL-Shop 5 Backend

Here you can copy your API-Username, password and signature. We copied all three of those and go to our JTL-Shop Backend. Here we first go to our Plugin manager and check our available Applications. You should find the PayPal plugin there and simply add it. After that, it should look exactly like our active apps as you can see here.

Customize your preferences

Finally, we go to the payment methods in the left column and find our PayPal basic settings. In the upper field we have customizations such as the displayed name and in the lower field we go to the important data. The API username, password and signature. We paste those here and save our changes.

We also have to add our Paypal option to the shipping methods. Go to DHL Inland, scroll down and select the option we just installed. That is Paypal basic. Save again, switch to your frontend to check your changes. We select a random product and add it to the shopping cart. We open our shopping cart, continue to pay and fill out our contact data and as you can see, PayPal is added as a payment method.

Need any help?

Hopefully we could help you with this tutorial. If that’s not the case, feel free to contact us. If you have any difficulties with your JTL-Shop 5, schedule an appointment with one of our JTL-Software experts.



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