JTL-Shop 5 Sales Booster Plugins

the 5 Most important Sales Booster Plugins for JTL-Shop 5

We introduce you to the 5 most important JTL-Shop 5 Sales Boosters. How to increase your sales using the Checkout Motivator, Social Proof plugins and Delivery & Dispatch indicators. Find out in this article, as well as the video below.

Sales Booster Plugins drive your sales forward

Now that the JTL-Shop 5 has been released and you build up your basic structure with the help of our JTL-Shop 5 Playlist, it’s time to drive your sales forward. That’s why we show you in this video the five most important sales booster plugins for JTL-Shop 5. The first is from Admorris Pro and is called Checkout Motivator. From a psychological point of view, discounts make a lot of sense.

A customer who is convinced by a product, would buy with or without a discount. But someone who comes across an ad for a product and requires a little push to buy it, gets motivated by a discount that is available for a limited time. Black friday Sales statistics prove every year that the concept of discounts really works. That’s why the checkout motivator counts as one of the most important plugins for your JTL-Shop 5. Customers are offered a limited time discount coupon every time they click on the shopping cart button and get motivated to buy in order to take advantage of it. Once the plugin has been installed in your Backend, you can adjust the time and the discount value as you wish.

Live Sales Notification

The second plugin is solely based on social proof. What many people think is good and give a good review must truly be something good. That’s why the Live Sales Notification belongs to this list. It gives your customers a live notification on the edges of the screen showing who ordered what and at what time. So the customers get notified about a product that is currently in a hype, since it has been purchased many times during a short time. Customizations can be made here as well. You can decide, for example, if you want to show the name of the customer, how long the notifications should be displayed and the intervals between different notifications.

Stock Progress Bar for your JTL-Shop 5

Number 3 is the Stock Progress Bar. With this plugin you can inform customers of the scarcity of a product. In your Backend you can decide under which value should the status of your stock be displayed, and set the value of a colourful bar that compares the full stock with the status of your current stock.

Recent Sales Plugin

Another social proof plugin that presents popular products to visitors of your website, is the Recent Sales Plugin. This Admoris Pro Sales Booster shows above the price of a Listing how many customers purchased this item in the last days. In your Backend you can again decide after how many sales this notification should get triggered. Besides the functional settings, you also have visual settings such animations and icons.

Delivery & Dispatch Indicator

Last but dont least, we present you a Delivery and Dispatch Indicator for the 5th place in our Must Have Sales Booster plugins. It informs customers when they should expect their item to be delivered if they place an order within a specific limited time. For example, if you place an order in the next three hours, then your parcel will be dispatched on the same day. Like all other Admorris Pro plugins you can adjust the preferences in your Backend. For example you can decide until what time an order must be placed for the parcel to be dispatched on the same day.

Need any help?

And those are the 5 most important sales booster plugins for the JTL-Shop 5. Other than that you can select your Sales Booster package on Admorris Pro and have your shop ready and optimized. But if you
require search engine optimization of your shop, contact our eBakery SEO experts to schedule an appointment you.



Mohamed Ali Oukassi is founder and CEO of eBakery and has over ten years of experience in E-Commerce. He advises companies on ERP solutions, Warehouse Management, Online-Marketing and Social Media. For this purpose he also administrates the Facebook groups JTL User Community and eCommerce Küche and gives advice for retailers on both Facebook and Youtube. On the eBakery Youtube channels he also posts regularly interviews with many stars of Germany's E-Commerce Scene.

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