JTL-Shop 5 to Wawi Connection

How to connect your JTL-Shop 5 to your Wawi Inventory Management System

In this article, as well as the video below, we show you how to connect your JTL-Shop to your JTL-Wawi. What steps you have to take, where to find your username and password, how to test it once done.

Connect your JTL-Shop 5

Since we had a lot of requests regarding the connection of a JTL Shop with JTL-Wawi this
article and video will be about this topic. It can also be the basis of one of our other videos on how to
compress images on JTL-Wawi for your JTL SEO.

Start in your Customer Center

Now let’s dive right in and go to our JTL Customer center. Under Products, Shop edition, you scroll down to your valid JTL License. If it’s not yet linked to your JTL you can click on the action button at the end of the column and add your license domain. Remember your license key because you’ll need it for JTL-Wawi.

New Connection in your Wawi

That’s where we go now and click on Onlineshop and Onlineshop connection. Create a new one and add your license key. Return to your active JTL Shop and under the System tab you can go to the Global settings and find your Wawi Synchronisation Data. That is the username and password which are necessary for the connection. Once you registered those in your JTL Wawi and filled out all obligatory fields you can select a root category and click to test the connection.

Test the connection

In our example we want to bring our Shopware Category to the JTL shop. If you get this message you successfully connected your JTL shop with JTL Wawi. To make sure that your selected category is included in the next update you can right click to edit the category and see if the JTL option on the bottom right of this window is check marked.

Update your Onlineshop

What’s necessary now is an update to your onlineshop. That’s why we go to online shop, complete update, select everything and then start it.fields you can select a root category and click to test the connection. Here we can see that our Listings have been transferred to our JTL shop and check if everything is available. Now you can carry out your JTL Wawi adjustments, such as the optimisation of images find these changes in your shop after another update.

JTL-Shop 5 SEO Agency

If you require any assistance on your JTL-Shop installation, connection to Wawi or SEO, we as a JTL Servicepartner are here to assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.



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