JTL-Shop 5 Update

How to update from your JTL-Shop 4 to JTL-Shop 5

In this article, as well as the video below, we show you hot to update to JTL-Shop 5 if you’re a JTL-Shop 4 owner. We also explain where you should pay attention to during this process.

Back up your JTL-Shop before updating

We already showed you how to install the JTL-Shop 5. If you missed that tutorial, you can
catch up by following this link. In this tutorial we assume that you already have a JLT-Shop 4 and now want to update it. Before you go ahead you should
make a back up of all your JTL-Shop files and your database. Furthermore, the update is only possible for the JTL-Shop version 4.02 or later.

Where to start

The first step is to place the shop into maintenance mode. That’s why we go on our Backend to the System tab and then to Global Settings, activate the maintenance mode and save your changes. The backup copy of your JTL-Shop data can be done using the FTP Client by marking all of them and then copy them to a folder in an external hard drive for instance. Your Database should be exported to an SQL format as well. From now on you shouldn’t carry out any updates on JTL-Wawi.

De-install plugins

The next step is to de-install all of our plugins, wether they are are activated or not. After downloading your update from the Customer Centre you have to remove the Install folder as well as the admin/ht access, robots.txt, shop info.xml, and .ht access. files, since those shouldn’t be overwritten.

Start the JTL-Shop 5 Update process

Once these files have been removed we can upload the folder on the server of our JTL- Shop 4. This can take a few minutes. Once it’s done, open the Shop URL in the browser you’ll find this window. Now start the update. Once it’s finished successfully you’ll be forwarded to your JTL-Shop 5 Backend. You can also check if the Frontend is intact. As a precaution we then go to the Diagnosis under bug fixes. Here we see three exclamation marks.

Launch the migration assistant

The abandoned files aren’t needed in this JTL version and can therefore be deleted. Here you can then convert your database to InnoDB and UFT-8, thanks to the migration assistant. That’s why we start the migration now. For security reasons you should delete your installation directory as a final step.

Need any help?

Hopefully you were able to update your JTL-Shop 4 to JTL-Shop 5 by following our tutorial. If that’s not the case, feel feel to contact us. Our JTL-Software experts are here to help you out. 



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