An overview of the new JTL-Shop version

New features of the JTL-Shop 5

JTL-Software was working on the new version of the JTL-Shop for a long time. The developers of JTL-Software always take into account the feedback, tips and ideas of online merchants. As a JTL Service Partner we would like to present you the new features of the new shop system version.

The highlight of JTL-Shop 5 is the OnPage Composer. It’s an editor that allows you to structure your website without any programming knowledge. Additionally, it has a new menu structure in the Backend.

jtl-shop 5 features

OnPage Composer of JTL-Shop 5

The new JTL-Shop version is made for easy use. Programming knowledge isn’t requires for the customization of your design. The content which is here called “Portlets” can be added by drag and dropping. Such a feature is already known on other blog systems and seems to be very practical. This way you can structure your website quickly without the fear of making mistakes. “OnPage Composer” means that all changes you carry out are being applied directly on the page instead of working in the Backend and switching back and forth to check the result. By drag and dropping portlets you structure your page directly with each added component.

Images, Videos, Sliders and Texts

You can customize the pages of your shop without having to alter scripts of the shop’s code. Simply choose in the Editor on the left side what you want to add and then drag and drop it on the position of your choice. Then you can proceed to fill everything with media. The only requirement is that you need to use an EVO Template. EVO is the standard template that was developed for JTL-Shop.

By default it’s very responsive and optimized for search engines, and it also adjusts itself on different devices. Besides that, it comes with the “LazyLoad” plugin which loads images only when it’s time for them to be displayed. This advantage makes your website faster, which is something that every customer likes.

Around 40% of website visitors abandon a website if it’s not fully loaded after 3 seconds. And 40% fewer customers is something no online retailer would wish. As a JTL Service partner we can also configure the speed of your website, along with other SEO-relevant subjects, so you can concentrate on your business.

OnPage Compose Compatibility

The OnPage Composer can also be combined with other systems like Dropper and easyTemplate360. With Dropper you get a surface similar to the OnPage Composer, but with other features, such as the grouping of different sections to maintain a clear overview. The “Portlets” are called “Drops” and can be found in the sidebar as usual.

easyTemplate360 has a similar design. You have again all the different components on the sidebar and can simply drag and drop them to structure your website.

New Menu Structure in JTL-Shop 5

JTL-Software changed here whatever was requested. The Backend in which you change the settings and design of your shop has a completely new interface. Now it is much easier to find the different settings. In the Administration area of JTL-Shop you now have a Navigation sidebar that offers a better overview of your different options.

The new Menu Structure:

-Attractive Sidebar
-Icons for all Menu Points
-Clearly named Menu Points
-Subcategories sorted in a logical way

new menu structure

Attractive Sidebar

From now on you can find all important preferences on the left sidebar so you can still use the rest of your screen. The sidebar has been designed from scratch and is now more convenient than ever.

Icons for all Menu Points

With a quick look at the images you can navigate faster your shop’s menu, since you don’t have to read the text for each option. It’s small change but has a great effect.

Clearly Named Menu Points

In the previous JTL-Shop versions, many users often got confused about which function is underneath every menu point. In the new version we renamed all menu points to allow you to reach your destination in the menu quickly.

Subcategories sorted in a logical way.

Subcategories are now sorted in alphabetical order. Now you can work more intuitive without wasting time while searching.

JTL-Shop 5 covers more languages

Your software is entering the international market. By now the products of JTL-Software are very popular in German-speaking countries, which is why the internationalization is currently one of the highest priorities.

One of the necessary steps is the UFT-8-Support. UFT-8-Support is a variable-width character encoding used for electronic communication. It makes it possible to display different languages and even different scripts such as Cyrillic and east Asian languages. Once JTL-Wawi has been configured to these different scripts and languages you will be able to finally use this new interesting feature.

jtl-shop 5 languages

English-Speaking Backend in JTL-Shop 5

Another great step towards the international market is the availability of the English language in your backend. Although JTL-Wawi (the database for JTL-Shop 5) doesn’t include other languages yet, you can at least have English-speaking employees working on your JTL-Shop 5 itself.

However you can still store English listings, shipping documents and e-mails in your JTL-

JTL-Shop 5 Nova Template

A new template for JTL-Shop 5 is currently being designed. So far a JTL-Shop was always delivered with the EVO-Template, which already includes many convenient features. NOVA is developed on a completely new basis. Adjustment can be carried out easier and the new OnPage Composer can be used by everybody without any programming knowledge.

New overview for categories in the NOVA Template

The NOVA template makes it possible to filter listings in your JTL-Shop 5. This makes your shop user-friendly, since your visitors can limit their search range to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Single categories can be excluded, price ranges can be defined and special attributes can be set as well. Attributes can be set on an “And/Or” combination. Use filters for your products to help your customers find what they’re looking for and ensure an increase in your conversion rate.

jtl-shop 5 nova template

Add Your Heading Text Here

JTL-Shop 5 is currently available only in a so-called Tech Preview. This means that you might come across bugs in your system, which will be fixed one by one in the near future. In some rare cases you might anticipate an unstable behaviour in your shop and problems in your database.

With that said, the new JTL-Shop 5 should be used only for testing and now as a published online business. You can request your own test shop on JTL-Software.

As a JTL Service Partner we are here to support you on the set up of your test shop. Of course we can also support you with the set up, optimization and maintenance of your JTL-Wawi and your stable JTL-Shop 4. If you don’t use yet an ERP system or Inventory Management System you will definitely notice a huge difference. Both systems make your work easier and faster. Since you also require a server with a decent performance, we can also offer to host the systems on our JTL-Servers. Contact us for more information.

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