JTL-Shop 5 Customer Loyalty

Install Plugins on your JTL-Shop 5 to ensure customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is a significant factor when you’re driving your sales forward. In this article, as well as the video below, we show you which JTL-Shop plugins can help you to ensure customer loyalty.

Sales Booster Plugins for Customer Loyalty

In our last article we presented you the 5 must have booster sales plugins that can help you drive your sales forward. This time we want to present you sales booster plugins that can help you ensure customer loyalty.

Bonus Point System

One thing that was introduced by retail chains and is still being used to this day is the bonus point system. Everybody likes getting rewarded with discount coupons or bonus points that can save you money in your next purchase. Such a Bonus Point system is also available on Admorris Pro. It can be used to decorate the details in your Listings. In your Backend you can decide how many points each item has to offer, how many points can be redeemed or how many points must be available for redemption. This way you add value to your Listings and strengthen your customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty by helping customers to quickly re-order items.

To improve usability and conversion rate, Admorris Pro offers a plugin with a Re-Order Function. By installing it, you show your customers products that have been purchased before, so they can simply add those to the shopping cart again without searching for them.

Newsletter Marketing

But one of the strongest Marketing measures to strengthen your customer loyalty is the newsletter marketing. One of the famous newsletter management tools is Mailchimp. It helps to create newsletters, send them or manage and configure them. If you decide to use Mailchimp, it would be practical to transfer the data of your signed members, placed orders and customer information to the plugin. The Malchimp API makes this possible and therefore offers the perfect tool for Newsletter Marketing.

Need any help?

Hopefully you are now well informed on how to increase your sales and also strengthen customer loyalty thanks to those JTL-Shop 5 sales booster plugins. Let us know if you have any questions. Other than that, you can go to Admorris Pro and select your Sales Booster Package to optimise your JTL-Shop.

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