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JTL Service Partner

As a JTL Service Partner we are here to answer any questions you might have about products of JTL-Software.

We are a JTL Service Partner

The JTL-Software corporation is a provider of versatile software based on e-commerce. With more than 20,000 clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, JTL-Software has become one of the leading producers for e commerce solutions in German-speaking Europe. The core-product is the free inventory management system called ‘JTL-Wawi’. Users profit not just by connecting it to their in-house JTL-Shop. With integrated interfaces, JTL secures connections from JTL-Wawi to mainstream online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. If you like to use third-party shop systems you can easily connect them using the connectors of your JTL-Wawi. The powerful warehouse management, known as JTL-WMS, rounds off the comprehensive product portfolio of flexible and customizable solutions for retail.

eBakery is one of the first JTL Service Partners. Therefore we work together and maintain
a close contact with the JTL team.

We connect your JTL-Wawi to online market places such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy. We can also come up with a suitable multi-channel strategy in case your require one.

Since we’re familiar with all products of JTL-Software, we also know which ones your online business requires.

We optimise the texts of your JTL-Wawi, as well as the design of your JTL-Shop. This way we help you decrease your advertising expenses and at the same time rank higher in the search results. In all this you get the support of our experts familiar with SEO, UI-Design, product photography, as well as video production and programming.

We can support you here

A shop system that can be easily integrated to JTL-Wawi as your database.

Powerful inventory management software with lots advanced options.

Warehouse management for chaotic warehousing and a mobile app.

Easy connection from JTL-Wawi to Amazon and eBay.

Interface that connects JTL-Wawi and external shop systems.

Incoming and outcoming goods without launching your JTL-Wawi.

Two components for fast shipping and tracking of your parcels.

Fast and safe hosting of your JTL-Softare products.

Set the right prices for your products according to Amazon standards.

JTL-Software tutorials on our eBakery channel.

eBakery offers you a series of comprehensive tutorials on many of the JTL-Software products. If you still have any questions feel free to post them in the comments section.

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The popular shop system of the JTL-Software family gets connected directly to JTL-Wawi. This way you can keep an eye on the database of your stock, placed orders and customers, both in your online shop and your inventory management system. Any settings in your JTL-Wawi are automatically passed on to your online shop. The design is made in your online shop itself and of corset’s optimized for search engines.


The powerful ERP system is at your disposal for free and can be extended with multiple plugins. It forms the heart of JTL-Software and contains all important data of your online business, such as inventory, customers, payments, or placed orders. It also includes a support ticket system that helps you to support your customers.

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The extensive Warehouse Management System offers different functions. To begin with it helps you to make a practical use of your warehouse space in chaotic warehousing situations. Using a barcode scanner you quickly book incoming and outcoming goods. The scanner is wireless so it can be used anywhere in your warehouse.

You plan a project and require professional assistance?

Contact us now and let’s find a solution together.


The oldest and most used plugin is the JTL-eazyAuction. Initially it was designed just for the connection of JTL-Wawi to eBay. Now it can also connect you to Amazon as well. The advantage is obvious: you’re managing multiple shops on different marketplaces simultaneously. Listings and all their important parameters are synchronized on all marketplaces. Placed orders are received in your JTL-Wawi and can be passed on to your shipping service. All you have to do is prepare the item for shipping. JTL-Wawi helps you to keep an overview of everything that goes in or out.

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A connector is the interface between your JTL-Wawi and external software. In most cases they are external shop systems that get connected to JTL-Wawi. Since JTL-Wawi doesn’t have an API for the transfer data, it offers different kinds of connectors. You can find all available licenses in the JTL-Customer Center under Licenses/JTL-Connector. With the corresponding button you can generate a free license.


Lists of all active orders can be practical in small warehouses, instead of searching for the orders one by one. JTL-Packtisch+ saves you time by compiling these lists. Even the management of your incoming goods gets easier, since you don’t have to launch JTL- Wawi to get the job done. You can also adjust the status of the items in case some of them have been damaged.

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Other JTL Products


JTL-Shipping unites to important shipping processes. Using the JTL-Shipping labels you can automatically print the necessary shipping labels for your parcels. Furthermore you can pass on the shipping information to your shipping service. As you’re preparing your parcel for shipping you receive the label you need to add on the package. Using JTL-Tack&Trace you can track all shipped parcels.


Hosting for the steady operation of your JTL-Software products. We can offer you a suitable server for the best performance you can get.


Prices are an important factor on Amazon. With the JTL-Repricer you can be sure that you always offer the best prices. It controls the shift of prices on Amazon and changes them for your products accordingly. You can set criteria that the JTL-Repricer can use for orientation, such maximum and minimum limits, in order to avoid unexpected losses.


JTL-Search is an advanced search function for your JTL-Shop. It can correct spelling mistakes and detects synonyms for extensive searches.