JTL-Wawi Worker

How to set up your JTL-Wawi Worker

Learn how to automate specific tasks in your Inventory Management System with the use of JTL-Worker. Set it up in the settings and select which processes it should take over. That’s the topic of this article, as well as the video below.

What is the JTL-Wawi Worker?

In today’s JTL-Wawi video we answer to the question What is the worker? If you have never used it you should watch the video until the end to make your life easier with its use. In a few words, the worker is an automation tool. It is an application that runs in the background and automatically takes care of several tasks in your JTL-Wawi. For example updates of your Online shop to adjust it to Online Marketplaces in order to receive newly placed orders and apply changes in the stock of your Listings. This can be useful if you like to have an overview of newly placed orders in your inventory management system.

Activate the Worker

The worker doesn’t have to be installed separately. You get it along with the installation of the Wawi Inventory Management Software. What you have to do however, is to start it and then sign in to it with your user account. You can find it in your JTL Software folder. Once you’ve launched the Worker, type your username and password in the following window and then minimize it. Something very important. Once you’ve activated the JTL- Worker you cannot carry out any updates manually. In the Worker settings in JTL-Wawi, you can determine for which clients it should be active, as well for which online selling platforms it should function and the time intervals between the updates.

Settings in the JTL-Wawi Worker

To do that, go to the upper menu on Admin, under Automations and then JTL-Worker. As already mentioned, you can set the time intervals for the activation of updates in seconds. If you’re selling internationally and trade using different currencies, then it would make sense to checkmark the option for Current rates. The worker will update those, every 24 hours. Detailed settings for currencies can be found under Admin, General settings, Currencies.

Different options

The next option might bet very important for you if you’re working with a Point of sale system. If a registered customer changes his address you can with the help of this automatically transfer the customers information with the Xml Import. The next option is also relevant for POS system users. If it’s check marked, every time your system detects a new purchase, it creates invoices and delivery notes. In the next fields you can determine automatic updates for each selling platform such as eBay and Amazon, as well as your own online shop. Same goes for the JTL fulfilment network, in case you’re using it. If you’re using the payment module, you can with the last checkmark activate the updates for the payment adjustments. Finally click on OK.

Need any help?

If you need help to set up your inventory management system or online shop then you can contact our eCommerce experts. As an eCommerce Agency we are here to help you out.



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