Warehouse Management System

JTL-Wawi offers a simple and yet powerful Warehouse Management System that can support you on all e-commerce processes. Using JTL-Wawi you can control all your sales channels. Management of your collections, stock, placed orders and invoice generation can all be done with the ERP system.

Warehouse management in e-commerce

Thousands of small and middle businesses with up to 100 employees and a shipment volume of up to 50.000 orders per month are relying on JTL-Wawi.

With the newest NET-Technology as well as a well-performing Microsoft SQL-Server-Database, JTL-Wawi is ready to handle huge data volumes and keep the software fast and user-friendly at the same time.

E-Comemrce Software and ERP-System for online trade

With JT-Wawi you can manage your product from a central position that monitors all your sales channels. It doesn’t matter how many online shops you own. Any changes you carry out on JTL-Wawi are automatically propagated to your connected online shops.

Free Warehouse Management System

JTL-Wawi can be installed on multiple work stations. You can also establish a company network to allow your employees easy and yet safe access to the WMS. You can create your statistics about specific data or use some of the over 300 statistic templates that are included in JTL-Wawi by default.

Amazon & eBay management through JTL-eazyAuction

Manage all your stores on online marketplaces from the same interface. The stock of your listings on Amazon and eBay gets updated automatically in your WMS once an order has been placed in your online shops. You can concentrate on the processing of placed orders just by using your WMS software.