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JTL-WMS: Warehouse management for your online shop

With JTL-WMS you get a simple but professional solution for your warehouse management. As a complete package along with JTL Wawi you can efficiently coordinate and organize all tasks in your warehouse in real time. Both mobile and stationary workstations are useful. Check what items have been received, ordered or shipped while tracking your inventory movement.

Who should use JTL-WMS?

JTL-WMS supports both small and big businesses. Its individual and flexible features allow you to modify and use the software according to your plans and requirements. Small warehouses can soon become chaotic if they’re not organized with technical help. JTL-WMS is the ideal solution if you want to avoid problems that can cost you a lot of time. Your workflow remains fast and efficient, which in turn, keeps your customers happy and your revenue high. Big businesses with many demands are also well-equipped with JTL-WMS. The software gives you the option to automate tasks and therefore maintain a fast workflow in your warehouse.

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JTL-WMS Feature overview

The warehouse management of JTL-WMS was developed to become the ideal solution for businesses of any size. That’s why the software includes a large variety of different features and tools to help you coordinate and organize your warehouse exactly as you want. Here is a list of some of the basic features:

-Inbound sortation
-Shipping scheduling
-Inventory tracking
-Scalability & Configurability

A wide range of different solutions

WJTL-WMS can execute all your warehouse management tasks. Thanks to the software’s customization capabilities you can adjust the features depending on the size of your business. For example the process for outcoming goods includes four shipping features:

1.EazyShipping, 2. Versandboxen (Shipping boxes), 3. Picking, 4. Packaging.

You can combine these processes as you wish. Depending on the size of your warehouse or the type of items you’re shipping, you can customize these processes according to your warehouse’s requirements. Reduce errors, learn fast, while picking and packaging is executed quickly. Even warehouses transfers and replenishment can be executed according to your demands. The import of goods has become a simple task thanks to JTL-WMS: After a scan you can immediately store your goods.

If you carry out an inventory you have to go through it step by step in order to not interrupt operational procedures. With JTL-WMS this can be done directly in your warehouse. You can keep track of your inventory movement and find the location of specific products. Even though the software includes so many different features it still offers a clear interface and remains user-friendly. And if you require specific features that aren’t included yet you can always expand the software.


Keep your warehouse monitored at all times

The efficient execution of processes such as incoming and outcoming goods or inventory are critical for your profit. With the warehouse management from JTL-Software you can maintain a lucrative workflow in every position of your warehouse. The installation can be done on both mobile devices and stationary workstations. Once the software has been installed you can monitor the movement of goods with a simple barcode scan from your mobile device.

Mobile and stationary workstations

The warehouse management consists of two applications: one for stationary computers and one for mobile devices. The mobile device is equipped with a barcode scanner that prevents errors in your stock tracking. At the same time you can use JTL-Wawi to see which product has been stored and in what quantity. Every scan is displayed on JTL-Wawi as well. When an order has been placed in JTL-Wawi, it is picked by JTL-WMS automatically. The cooperation of the two systems helps you to monitor your warehouse in real time.

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eBakery is a JTL-WMS Service Partner

JTL-WMS will take your warehouse management to a whole new level. Your workflow will be efficient and you can keep an eye on every process at all times. Our eBakery specialists have more than ten years of e-Commerce experience under their belt and can assist you in the implantation of your ideas and plans.