The Open Source Shop System

Magento is an open source system that offers, next to its free of charge Community Edition, many other advantages and features. Magento is very extensive and can be adjusted and customized according to your needs. There is almost no limit in possibilities. Many online shops have been converted to Magento so far. Back in 2013 it was the most popular shop system according to surveys. Magento has a modular design of software components. This means that there is always room to add more features and functions to it. Thanks to Magento Connect we now have at our disposal, a marketplace with around 7000 modules, worldwide, with different features and interfaces.


This is what we’re offering:

-Consultation and concept
-Installation and setup
-Design and features
-Shop optimisation
-JTL Integration
-Payment providers
-Logistics (JTL-WMS)

…and so much more!

Magento Agency - We help you to get started with Magento

From the installation, to the setup, and from coaching to management, eBakery as a Magento Agency can always assist you in your online business. We can take care of your online shop, interface, inventory management system, and the optimization and design of
your Magento shop.