Performance Marketing

performance marketing

Performance in Online Marketing

Performance Marketing, also known as Performance-based Advertising, aims for increased range, engagement and transactions. It allows advertisers to pay only when a specific action occurs. These actions can include a generated lead, a sale, a click, and more.

Businesses that already know how effective their marketing strategy is, find it easier to adjust their marketing campaign. Performance Marketing helps you to measure and monitor your online marketing success. Unlike conventional marketing methods, Performance Marketing gives you the opportunity to pay only for results while you’re tracking your campaign’s performance. This ensures that you won’t have to pay for unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

How to measure your success with Performance Marketing

To succeed with Performance Marketing it’s not enough to know how this marketing practice works, but also learn the different tools that measure the results of your advertising campaign. Most businesses use Google Analytics for this purpose.

In order to be able to present well-founded results in the next step, it is important to compare the effects of different approaches and to document the corresponding results for
the future. Among other things, data relating to the number of clicks or traffic can be evaluated.

Using Google Analytics you can determine how many people clicked on a specific Ad and then see the corresponding cost for all these clicks. This might sound as something easy in the beginning, but don’t forget that this isn’t just about being able to use the different tools at your disposal and then monitoring the results. It’s also about being able to recognize the potential for future ad campaigns depending on the data you have collected.

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Marketing Methods that can be monitored

A business’s Advertising methods are connected to the goals that have been set. Wether it’s about winning new clients, selling more products or spread awareness about discounts.

Here are some of the most common methods:

-Newsletter/E-Mail Marketing
-Search Engine Advertising
-Affiliate Marketing
-Display Marketing
-Facebook Marketing

Regardless of what your goal is, you must always adjust your campaign’s performance to your target audience.

Adjustments thanks to Performance Marketing

As a general rule, placing an ad or using other advertising media is usually associated with a certain risk. Or to put it another way: it is difficult to predict how successful a campaign will be without sufficient knowledge and skills.
That’s why it’s important to question your own marketing strategy and compare your present results with results of previous campaigns.

By checking various indicators, you can set specific base values that can be used in connections with your following ad campaigns.

With Performance Marketing can advertisers interact with customers on one hand, and on the other hand measure the costs of their ad campaigns. Here are the steps you have to take for a successful ad campaign:

1. Set your goals
2. Select your advertising channels & set your budget
3. Choose your Key Performance Indicator
4. Implement tracking
5. Use Analytics tools
6. Test, optimise & adjust
7. Monitor and control

For what businesses is Performance Marketing important?

In the age of the Internet more and more businesses rely on Performance Marketing to keep the cost of their marketing campaigns under control.

Comprehensive activities in the area of performance marketing are recommended for all companies that try to reach their respective target group via online marketing measures. Factors such as company size, industry or other details don’t matter.

It is recommended that every company checks the efficiency of their own ad campaigns with the help of tools like Google Analytics.

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