Regional Marketing

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Win more customers through Regional Marketing

Effective Regional Marketing helps you to increase your revenue and brand awareness.
As with regular marketing practices, you must adjust your measures to your target audience.

This is not to say that you just have to focus on your region and its characteristics. Regional Marketing can be a very complex process, but offers many opportunities.

If you’d like to make use of the advantages of Regional Marketing, eBakery is can help you to carry out an effective Regional Marketing campaign.

Fitting strategies for Regional Marketing

Many business nowadays are more focused to advertise on a broad scale. For businesses that rely on their local community it might prove more useful to advertise regionally instead.

Among them are:

-Bars & cafes
-Construction Companies

With a Regional Marketing strategy you can approach people of your community, but you have to adjust your advertising methods depending on your goal:

-Tv ads
-Radio ads
-Online ads
-Outdoor activities

Sometimes you have to try different methods to figure which one produces better results.

Local SEO - Regional Marketing on the Internet

If your product or service isn’t offered internationally, or even nation-wide, you should seriously take into account the possibilities of Local SEO. Customers who search for a specific service, in a specific area, will enter the corresponding keywords in their online search. That’s exactly where Local SEO can help you. Texts with a proper structure that have been optimized raise your website in the ranks of search result. It’s important to try to rank as high as possible. Often, people who are in a hurry will have a look at the top 3-5 results of their search, while the dozens that follow get ignored.

On and Offline Combination

As with any marketing practice, you have to present your product’s or service’s value to convince your potential customers that you have what they need. This can be achieved by combining on and offline actions. In other words: the more authentic and useful a product is presented to consumers, the higher the possibility to draw their interest and in turn increase your profit. Wether we’re talking about a product or a service is at this point irrelevant. You have again many different possibilities that you can try depending on your niche. eBakery can help you to come up with a plan and choose the best advertising methods for your business. We can analyze your target audience to figure what attracts their interest and then keep a good balance of on and offline advertising methods.

Local and Regional Media

The term “regional media” doesn’t refer only to newspapers. This category can include different media such as:

-Radio Stations
-TV Channels
-Direct mail
-Outdoor advertising

This shows again how complex a marketing campaign can be, and how you have to adjust always depending on your target audience, goals, and the type of product you’re selling.

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Regional Marketing with Google Ads.

Google Ads can play an important part in Regional Marketing. This is about paid ads thatget displayed according to the entered keywords (such service & area) and the businesses goals.

The cost of those ads depends only on the number of clicks on them. We would be glad to set up a Google Ads campaign for your business in the most effective way possible. The more precise your ads have been set for their keywords, the more clicks you’ll get. With Google Ads you can increase your traffic from your target audience in a short amount of time for a fair cost.

Here it is recommended to take the time to research keywords to find what your target audience responds to and structure your ads in a way that will encourage potential customers to click on them. For example you can try to include in the ad the location of your business, or your contact information.

Challenges of Regional Marketing

We can conclude that Regional Marketing is much more than just “activating” ads on the internet. No matter what you’re selling, your ads must always be adjusted to your business, goals and target audience.

eBakery helps you to make the right decisions with marketing experts who can recognize your businesses needs and analyze your target audience to set up a fitting marketing campaign while you can concentrate on your every-day tasks. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals and ideas.