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As a Shopify Agency we are here to answer any questions you might have on Shopify. Products and help you with the set up of your online store.

We are a Shopify Partner

Shopify is a special online shop system, as it completely differs from other systems when it
comes to security and hosting. Shopify is not a downloadable software. It runs exclusively
on the Shopify servers. Those are being scaled accordingly in order to bring the necessary performance.

That advantage, along with its quick setup and the availability of numerous plugins, as well
as the connection to payment and shipping services, make Shopify an interesting choice
for more and more businesses. As a Shopify Agency we are here to help you manage your
Shopify online store and help you to get the best out of it, which in turn will increase your revenue.


Our team consists of SEO Experts whose job is to optimize your shop according to your needs and strategy.


We assist you in your multi-channel strategy. Wether you’re interested in Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, together we will find a solution.


Along with the development and optimization of your shop we also develop the ideal design for your niche.


Our editors combine their linguistic skills with SEO standards. The creation of categories and descriptions includes the necessary keywords to raise your listings high in the search results.

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shopify themes and design

Shopify Themes & Design Development

As an already existing business you probably have Corporate Identity already, which is also displayed visually and lyrically on your website. Therefore your online shop should look just as smart and at the same time remain optimized for search engines.

Furthermore, your design should look good on both desktops and mobile devices. More and more people prefer to do their online shopping using a mobile device. If your online shop isn’t optimized for mobile devices you may lose customers to your competition. besides that, by optimizing your design for mobile devices you can also increase your SEO on Google. The search engine detects if your design is friendly for all devices and raises it in search results.

Of course there are numerous templates that you could use for your Shopify store. But keep in mind that those templates are already being used by many other users. It can look good on one hand, but on the other damage your brand. What if another retailer who uses the exact same design is untrustworthy? A potential customer might come across that design first and then find yours and hesitate to trust you. A unique design for your business is always important.

Shopify Interfaces

Shopify offers interfaces for al known services, which we as a Shopify Agency can set up
for you.


For shipping we can connect your store with UPS, DHL or DPD and let you print labels with the appropriate app. This can be done automatically and you receive an order confirmation after the purchase. All you have to do is add the label to the parcel.

Payment Providers

By default your shop has access to different payment services such as VISA, Mastercard, or Apple Pay. And other services such as Paypal can be integrated after the initial setup. This way your customers can conveniently pick and choose the payment method they like the most.

ERP Systems

For Shopify you can also find interfaces for the most important ERP Systems such as JTL-Wawi or Xentral. This way you have an overview of all placed orders, incoming goods, outcoming goods and customer data. This helps you to spare time and money to re-train your employees.

shopify content marketing

Shopify Marketing Content

A good shop requires good content. After all, it gets rewarded by search engines as well. Post content on a regular basis to inform customers of any developments or new products you might have to offer.

The more clicks you get on the pages of your online store, the higher raise in the ranks of the search results. In turn, this can result to an increase in sales. As a Shopify Agency we can assist you in the creation of product videos, images and texts.

Do you require professional assistance in your Shopify Project? Contact us now! We’re here to help you out.

Shopify SEO

Using Shopify it’s relatively easy to achieve good rankings on Google. By default your online store offers a handful of settings and tools. You can use meta-tags and descriptions in your listings to optimize your shop. Specific keywords help your listings to be discovered, once your potential customers are using the same keywords to find the product they are looking for.

You can also use Sitemaps and index them on the Google search console. This data gives the search engine all important information such as pages, listings and where to find those. If one of your products isn’t available anymore the search engines gives the user an error which isn’t a pleasant sight. That’s why it makes sense to apply a so-called 301-Redirect. This redirection informs the search engine that the product isn’t available anymore and so takes the customer to a similar product or collection.

shopify linkbuilding

Shopify Building Backlinks

Backlinks are important for the fast promotion of your Shopify store and even your website. They are links from other websites and redirect users to your shop.

This SEO strategy is called link-building and every business should devote time to it regularly. Link-building must be carried out carefully and with the necessary knowledge, since not every backlink can be helpful. Search engines function with the reputation of websites. websites with new content on a regular basis raise in the ranks faster. If it includes a backlink to your website, the search engine assumes that your website is just as important.

Likewise, if bad websites link to yours it can decrease your reputation as well. Save time and let us search for good websites that are suitable for your business. We will then carry out your off-page SEO by linking your online business to those websites.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an omnichannel enterprise platform which can use to scale your business significantly. If your online business is being successful then an upgrade to Shopify Plus could be rewarding. In addition to more marketing tools, Shopify Plus performs much faster than regular Shopify stores. A Shopify Plus store can process up to 10.000 orders per minute. You’re also backed by the Shopify Plus staff, which helps you grow without the risk of additional costs.

Shopify Apps

Apps and plugins help you to customize your store. The Shopify App store offers hundreds of different apps. Some of them might be useful for the country of your residence in particular. For example, 45 of those apps were developed exclusively for the German market. Shopify apps also allow you to connect your shop to payment and shipping services.

As a Shopify Agency, eBakery is here to assist you with the setup of your online store and its optimization and marketing strategy. Contact us and we will find a solution to your problem together.