Shopware 5 vs Shopware 6

Which Shopsystem should you pick? Shopware 5 or Shopware 6?

Shopware 5 vs Shopware 6 – Which one is suitable for you? We explain the pros and cons for both shop systems and how you have to update if that is your wish. Read this article which is based on our tutorial below.

Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 Update

Since May 2019 many retailers are wondering if they are well equipped with Shopware 5 and should continue using this version or if the update on Shopware 6 is necessary. Usually you start by checking out the advantages of an update. Today we are going to break this rule to point out a negative aspect to it.

Before you update

There is a reason why we put the word update in quotation marks. It’s because Shopware 5 cannot be simply update to 6 with an auto update. You only have the possibility to migrate your Shopware 5 to the new version with the help of a Software Assistant, which is a tedious process. But if you decided to do that and prefer a expert to take over the migration of your system to the new version, then you can profit from some advantages. The reason why an auto
update isn’t possible is because of new technology and further development of the system core in Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 Advantages

Thanks to this development you can carry out changes and adjustment in your Storefront much faster and easier. For example, Shopping Worlds allows you to simply drag and drop elements and build up your layout exactly as you imagine it. But the improvement of the administration area is not the only significant change. Developers can now create their own layouts for administrative activities thanks the API-
First. Furthermore, Shopware 6 makes it possible to define conditions for specific rules. That’s something you can do with the Rule Builder. For example when it comes to addresses you can set a condition like “it’s one of” or “it’s not one of” for a specific rule you have defined already. That could help you to display different prices for different customer groups.


Speaking of prices, there is a free Community Edition you could use to begin with. To conclude, we can say with confidence that version 5 and version 6 from Shopware are both ideal solutions when it comes to online shops. According to the website of Shopware 5, updates and support will still be available until 2024.

The migration process can be very tedious on one hand, but on the other hand you can profit from new technology that allows you to create new layouts without any programming experience. Same goes for the Rule Builder which is very convenient for specific processes. In other words there is no straight answer to this question and you’ll have to decide for yourself. And although it’s not necessary to get this update, it would probably make sense to do so if plan to work long term on an eCommerce project that is based on Shopware.

Need any help?

Now if you have trouble deciding for yourself, you can contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our eCommerce experts who can give you advice depending on your situation.



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