Shopware 6 Cookies Notification

How to add a Shopware 6 Cookies Notification

Do you have to do something manually to make your shop legally compliant regarding cookies? Find out how to add and manage a cookies notification in your shop. Read our article which is based on the tutorial below.

Shopware 6 Cookies

Every homepage, online shop, or blog operator is probably familiar with the topic of cookies, which means that you have to receive a user’s consent before the activation of cookies. Any user must be asked if he agrees with the activation of cookies, at least the first tome he visits a website. Receiving a user’s consent is mandatory, on the basis of clearly described facts. But how can you obtain this consent in your Shopware 6?

Consent for Cookies

All shops above the 5.6.3 version have by default a functional addition in the Shopware
Core. Earlier versions of the shop can use a plugin for this purpose but that’s still only available for the 5.2.11 version or later. It also requires changes in the settings of your Backend. But if you have updated your core already to version 6, then your shop should be legally compliant by default. Of course we cannot give any legal advice at this point. We simply want to inform you about it. Let’s have a look at it on Frontend.

Adjust your Shopware 6 Cookies

If we open our shop in the browser we see as usual the cookies note at the bottom. We can either deny or confirm it by clicking on configure to enter the Cookie settings for our different options. This means we can checkmark all three of those fields, or maybe some of them and then save our changes. If you want to add a button for accepting all cookies at once, we’ll show you how to do that now.

Change the cookies button

You have to go to the Backend of your Shop, and then go to Settings, Basic Information. Scroll all the way down an activate the switch for accepting all cookies. This option is convenient for your visitors since it allows them to accept all cookies with one click. And this is how it finally looks in the Front end.

Need any help?

If you need assistance in the setup or optimization of your Shopware online shop then contact our eCommerce Agency. We are here to help you out.



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