Shopware 6 Management

Shopware 6 Customers and Orders Management

In this Shopware 6 article, as well as the video below, where to get acces to detailed information on placed orders and customers of your shop. Learn how to add new customers, edit already signed users, and adjusting your orders.

Shopware 6 Backend

In today’s video we talk about orders and customers management. As usual we are currently in our shop backend and find the individual tabs for our customers and orders in the sidebar. Let’s start with the orders. We click on it and find a proper structure of our customer data. Above the overview is a button that allows you to add a new order. A detailed view for each order can be found by clicking on the three dots at the end of each row. There you can find a customers name, email, shipping information and also confirm that a payment has been received and then set the status of the order.

Parameters for your Shopware 6 Orders

In the section below you can find more details about the order itself, such as in what language the order was placed or the shipping method. Next you get a list of the individual cost for all items placed in one order. If you scroll further down you can find the status history of the order. You can see here when the order was placed and when the payment for it was received. You can also edit this history directly in this section if you have to make changes. Next you can find one more time the detailed shipping information and in the end generate an invoice. That includes a delivery note and a return label. Once the invoice has been created you can download it as a pdf by clicking on the three dots.

Parameters for Customers

To get specific information about your customers, you can go to the Customers tab of your Backend. As with the orders, you find a list and can get access to all details by clicking on the three dots at the end of the row. You can also edit or remove this user from your list of customers. We will click to edit and find in the upper section all account information. Beneath it you can assign the customer to a specific group, see the standard payment method and the customers revenue to your shop so far. The customer’s account can be deactivated with this switch.

Overview for Customers and Management

Here you have an overview of the shipping information. If a customer used more than one addresses in the past, you can find all of them in the corresponding tab. Likewise, in the Orders tab you can see all orders that have been placed by this customer including the status, cost, date. If you carried out any changes, save those with this button.

Need any help?

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