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Create Landingpages using Shopware 6 Shopping Worlds

How to use Shopping Worlds in Shopware 6 to make a Landingpage. That’s the topic of this article, as well as the video below. We show you how to use the CMS in Shopware 6 and then build your own Landingpage step by step.

Content Management System - Shopping Worlds

In this video we show you what you can do with the Content Management System on Shopware 6. We’ll start with the Shopping Worlds. We can find those under Content, Shopping Worlds. Here you can already see the Standard layout for your different pages, like terms of service of shipping and payment. But we want to create a new layout, something we can do with the blue button on the top right. We can choose between Shop pages, which are basically service pages, Landing pages which is what we want to select, and Category pages usually contain your products. Now we select the landing page. First you have to decide if you want the primary section to cover the entire width of the screen or if you’d like a sidebar next to it.

Before you start

A quick tip. Before you start with the creation of your landing page it makes sense to come up with a design concept and have an idea about the content you want to include. This can make everything easier for you, since you already know that you’d like to use, for instance, a two grid block in which you insert a text on one side and image on the other.

Create a new Shopping World Landingpage

We decided to create our landing page on the full width of the screen and give the layout a name. Now we are in the CMS.

In the middle you have the working area. This is the field that will be later displayed in your Frontend. You have two ways to add blocks to it. Either by clicking on the plus symbol or by clicking on the gear symbol. In the right column you have all available options and can drag and drop the blocks of your choice. You texts, images, videos and hybrid blocks at your disposal. Furthermore, you can add products of your shop to it, and even sidebars and forms.

Use different blocks

Under every block you have the choice to carry out further changes to it. We drag and drop our first block to begin with. If you click on it, you’ll see a gear symbol again. Clicking on it will open the text editor, that allows you to do everything the CMS has to offer. For example you can add internal and external links, type in a bold font, add enumerations and so much more. In the settings tab you can determine the alignment of the block.

Finally, click on the done button if you’re happy with the result. For the second block we want to cover again the full width of the screen to link a video to it. You can choose between youtube and vimeo. Clicking on the gear symbol, gives you the option to add the link itself and then let the video play automatically or define a start and end time. With the repeat switch you can let the video play in a loop.

Now if you prefer to alter your initial layout and change the order of blocks, you can do that in the navigation menu. Here you see all currently used layout sections. If you want to place the video above the text, you can simply drag it upward to include it in the upper block, or find your available options by clicking on the three dots to change the order of blocks. This way you build up your landing page step by step.

Check your new Shopping Worlds Landingpage

After saving everything it’s time to display the page on our Frontend. Go to the sidebar, on Catalogue, Categories, create a new category which we call news, and apply to it our newly created layout. Finally save, and your landing page should be visible in your shop.

Need any help?

Of course there are many more things we could show about this topic, so if you require any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. Our eCommerce specialists are here to help you out.



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