Shopware 6

Conception & implementation

The new shop version is meanwhile on an eloquent format available and many bugs have been fixed. Although many of the planned features aren’t yet included, if you check the roadmap you’ll see that many important features have been added already.

The seamless integration of Google Analytics is of course very interesting. You can get access to your Google analytics directly from the Shop Backend. It also includes a registry form if you plan to build up a B2B shop or combine your B2C with a B2B. By default you also get an extra customer group for retailers, which you can manage individually. Shipment tracking is integrated as well. If you enter the tracking number in the Backend your customer can track the order at any time.

shopware 6 agency

Developing Shopware 6 with clients

Shopware always takes into account the clients opinion. Many of its current features have been added by taking into consideration the feedback of customers. At the same time, Shopware uses the newest technology to make the shop user.-friendly and with a decent performance.

New Plugins and Themes

Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 have completely different structures. Therefore you cannot use Shopware 5 themes and plugins in Shopware 6. Themes and plugins have been re-programmed from scratch and the two systems are incompatible with each other.

Shopware 6 Plugins

Plenty of plugins are already available, with many more coming in the near future. Coolbax plans the release of Import-Plugins for online marketplaces like Real, eBay, Amazon, Hood and so on.
More plugins will follow soon. After all, Shopware 6 is relatively new. We can help you with the selection of new plugins and potentially develop for you better versions according to the needs of your business.

Shopware 6 Themes

To be able to customize your online shop and give it a unique look, you can use one of the already available themes. Always look out for the small 6 in upper right corner of every theme. That’s indicating that the theme in question has been developed specifically for

Shopware 6. As already mentioned, the differences in the two systems don’t allow us to
use Shopware 5 themes in the new version.

Shopware 5 migration to Shopware 6

Using a certain it is possible to carry out the migration from one system to the other automatically. However, the many differences between the two systems require some additional manual work and checks. The sales channels have to be checked for instance. Shopware 6 offers two channels by default. There is a slight chance that after the migration you’ll come across problems such as listings and categories not appearing in the Frontend and being completely disorganized.
Shipping and payment methods have to be checked as well. Are all settings for your services correct? Are additional settings necessary? The documentation templates are also based on a different system and have to be adjusted manually as well. Long story short, you definitely have to do some manual work after the automatic migration.

shopware 5 migration

Shopware 6 Shop Setup

Wether you want a new Shopware 6 or need to migrate from Shopware 5, our Agency can help you with the process. It’s important to discuss all of this in a meeting first. If you need to migrate a Shopware 5 we first have to check if your current plugins and themes are available for the new shop version and if it’s possible to improve them. At first chance we should also check your hosting service to make sure that it’s still suitable for your shop. As you can see there are multiple points you have to take into account. That’s why you should go for it slowly and with a proper plan.

We can set up your Shopware

We would be glad to assist you in the your plan and its implementation to make sure that your Shopware 6 will succeed. We have a long experience thanks to the service we provided to many other online businesses, wether it was setting up a new Shopware store or the migration of Shopware 5 to the new version.
Once all this is done, we can help you with its optimization and maintenance. Algorithms and laws are changing constantly and you always have to adjust your online store to these changes in order to keep it optimized and user friendly. Our job as an e-Commerce Agency is to help you make a successful business. Contact us for a free consultancy appointment.