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VARIO Service Partner

VARIO is an innovative ERP-System targeted at small and medium-sized businesses to help them with every-day tasks. Recently the eBakery e-commerce agency became and official service partner with Vario Software AG to offer solutions depending on your goals and problems.

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Inventory Management System

Thanks to its well-performing interface that has access to all common marketplaces and online shop systems can the VARIO inventory management system become your administrative center. One of the many advantages you get is the ability to manage and organize your inventory from one central position.

With the innovative inventory management system VARIO 8 you can control, connect, optimize and automate, all your multi-channel business processes. The modular structure of the software offers variety of interesting features.

Your success in e-commerce

VARIO 8 is an advanced ERP solution in the e-commerce scene. Through its connection to all common marketplaces and online shop systems it can offer a successful multi- channel distribution for small and medium-sized businesses.

This way you can increase your range and revenue of your business, while watching over your inventory from one central position. To keep your different sales channels updated with the current inventory status, VARIO 8 takes over these updates in real time. You don’t have dedicate time for the update of your inventory or worry about cancelling placed orders because a product has ran out of stock.

Connect VARIO e-commerce and its ERP system to mainstream marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etsy, etc. and control your different online shops through just one interface.

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Inventory Management System

The VARIO 8 inventory management System can control, optimize and automate all your multi-channel business processes. The software’s modular structure offers features for every process, from the placement of the order, to the checkout and the shipping of the product. Its design focuses mainly on exclusively e-commerce businesses. That’s why it offers dozens of useful tools for a strong multi channel distribution and keeps your different sales channels connected.

Service Partner

As an official VARIO service partner, eBakery supports you in the implementation of VARIO Software solutions. The ERP system can be adjusted depending on your needs. You can even create your own processes in order to overcome all challenges in your niche and of course keep your customers happy at all times.