WordPress Agency

The ideal CMS System

WordPress is the ideal CMS System for your Website. You can learn it quickly and manage most of its content by yourself. eBakery helps you with the maintenance and programming of your personal WordPress Website. On top of this we can also add different features such as Blogs, Landingpages, Social Media, Forums and so much more. Nothing is impossible!

WordPress Agency - This is where we can support you:

• Hosting, Installation and Setup / Configuration of WordPress
• Unique Design and Adjustments
• Installation and configuration of plugins
• Installation and setup of WooCommerce
• WordPress Optimization

…and so much more!

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WordPress Design

80% of all successful Websites in the last years are based on WordPress. Although WordPress was in the past a simple Blog System, it recently has become one of the most extensive and stable CMS Systems. A huge development community, countless features, plenty of plugins, the best adjustment possibilities and enormous freedom to design make WordPress the ideal platform of your website.

It’s also the perfect basis for Landingpages, your own social media or forums, and thanks to WooCommerce you can even integrate your own shop system. Another important advantage is that Google prioritizes WordPress Websites in the search results.

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As a WordPress Agencye can help you set up your own unique WordPress website. Contact us.