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Xentral Service Partner

Xentral is a central business software for modern startups and established companies in any sector. As an official Gold Service Partner of Central ERP can eBakery assist you in the implementation of your business ideas and come up with solutions depending on your problems and plans.

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Next generation ERP & CRM

The central software for modern businesses


-Flexible and adjustable depending on your needs
-Integration with different developers
-internally-developed standard interfaces for countless systems.
-Fast reactions thanks to the eBakery Gold Service Partner
-Easy to set it up and use it.

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What is Xentral?

Xentral ERP was developed out of a simple inventory management system turned into a comprehensive solution that can cover external processes such as orders and shipping, as well as internal processes like finance and stock lists. This makes it a powerful and wells-performing software that can handle over 12.000 orders every day. Easy to use, with a clear interface, customer-friendly and with the possibility to expand it. Through its modular structure can Xentral fulfil every task in your online business.


Gold Service Partner

eBakery is an official Xentral Gold Service Partner and therefore has the necessary knowledge to assist your business. The software’s modular structure allows us to adjust and expand it in order to implement the solutions according to your business. Contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss new ideas.